Hiawassee Branch
Hiawassee Branch Library  2768 N. Hiawassee Rd. Orlando, FL 
West Oaks Branch
West Oaks branch opened on August 8, 2001 with a door count of 2,319.
My Grandmother, Mary Raab, and Orlando Regional Medical Center
My grandmother, Mary Raab, was an amazing woman and I loved her very much. In 1922, when she was 18 years old, my grandmother, then Mary Ellman, moved to Winter Garden, Florida  with her family.  They later moved to Orlando to...
About Orlando MemoryDeveloped by the Orange County Library System, Orlando Memory is a community based digital archive designed to capture and preserve the stories, images and memories of our Orlando community. Orlando Memory is the story of Orlando, FL told...
2008 Birthday Blast on the Suncruz Casino
We celebrate my friend Dan's birthday on the Suncruz Casino, in style!
Halloween 2006 - House Party
We had a small Halloween party at my house off Econlockatchee Trail. I know we are too old for trick or treating, but we did it anyway!
Remembering downtown Orlando
In the early to mid-1960's, my mom and I would walk a few miles from Orlo Vista to the Pine Hills Shopping Center.  From there, we would catch a bus to downtown where we would always shop at McCory's and...
Civil Air Patrol
There have been several Civil Air Patrol units in the Orlando area over the years including the McCoy Cadet Squadron, Orlando Cadet Squadron, Central Florida Composite Squadron, Seminole Cadet Squadron and Osceola Cadet Squadron.One of the Civil Air Patrol's m...
Glenn Beck in Orlando - 2008!
    Glenn had a long ride from Mount Vernon, Washington in 1964 to Orlando, Florida 2008 and I'm glad he made the trip! Over a thousand Glenn Beck fans with their kids and grandkids in tow waited for up to...
Eatonville Branch Children's Library
Eatonville Branch Library was "founded" in 2003.  It is a vital part of the historic town of Eatonville.  Besides providing the citizens of this area with good books to read, free computer classes and Public Computer to use, we also...
Orlando Cadet Squadron
The Civil Air Patrol has been in the Orlando area working through the efforts of volunteers for over 50 years.It works both with adults as instructors and mentors, and with  young men and women  who have a thirst for aviation,...
You know you're from Orlando...
You know the meaning of OBT, and don't drive down it after 5pm. You are at Wal-mart more then you are at your own home. You find yourself humming the jingle for Premier Adult Factory Outlet. You prepare for hurricane season by buying...