The Wedding
When Frank Sevick came to Orlando the only tall building downtown was the bank on Robinson Street across from Saint James Cathedral. Mary Jane Sevick remembers Orlando ending at Colonial Plaza on the east and Montgomery Ward on the west....
Local History of African American Libraries
LISTEN as Storyteller Crystal Sullivan inteviews librarian Alice Grace about the history of the Washington Park Library.
Interview with Minette
 Minette discusses in this interview the family tradition of photography in Puerto Rico.
WWII Veteran Domineck Monell
Domineck Monell volunteered for service in WWII and entered the Air Force. His  military  service  included a visit to Fort Myers where he fell in love with Florida. He served  as  a  mechanic working on P-51's. When the...
WWII Veteran Michael A. Monell
Michael Monell was drafted in 1943 and sent to St. Petersburg, FL to experience "The Jungle" in preparation for service in the South Pacific.As it turns out, his WWII tour of duty was in Europe where he served for three and a...
Eight Monell Brothers for WWII Service
Orlando resident Michael Monell is pictured in "Eight Monell Brothers", a 1943 news article from Fairmont Times, VA.Eight brothers from one family all ready to serve their country during World War II.As Michael Monell shares his brother Tony was in...
General Patton's Barber
WWII Veteran Cosmo Monell started barbering at age 14. He became so good that when he was drafted for service in WWII he took on the assignment of cutting all the GI's, all the soldiers hair. General Patton learned of...
Joan's moving experience
Video interview   of Joan McSween where she discusses her immigration to the United States from Nova Scotia, Canada.
Sharon R.
This 10 minute interview conducted by Ashley T. and Reshard A. took place on 01/11/2012 with Sharon who describes growing up in Christmas, Florida.
The Retail Outlook From Centenarian Myrtle Skop Rutberg
Myrtle Skop Rutberg remembers when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt changed Thanksgiving Day to allow an extra week of shopping before Christmas. She also recalls diagonal parking along Orange Avenue and people parking along the avenue just to watch the sho...