Welcome to MUSIC CLUB! join us for the South Creek Library's, "Welcome to MUSIC CLUB!" program, held every 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month at 6:30pm.  This program is a chance for individuals to perfor...
Valentine's Day at St. James Cathedral
Valentine's Day at St. James Cathedral - 1992. February 1992 photo of Jim and Cathy Steiger at a Valentine's Day celebration at St. James Cathedral in downtown Orlando.
Loretta Hawkins
LISTEN   to this  interview of Loretta Hawkins at the Washington Park Branch on 2/14/12 with Ashley Taylor. Ms Hawkins is a long time resident of the Washington Shores area and talks about growing up and living in this community
Oral History Interview with Sonar Physicist Vincent Benedetti
Sonar Physicist Vincent Benedetti worked at the naval research lab at the corner of Gatlin and Summerlin Avenue for 35 years. He was the first person in Orlando to own scuba equipment having received his training from the U.S. Navy...
Helen Greenspun and Regina Muscovitz at Treblinka
Photo of Holocaust survivors Helen Garfinkel Greenspun, left,  and her sister, Regina Garfinkel Muscovitz, taken at Treblinka, Poland. Helen and Regina are standing in front of the grave marker for Chmielnik, Poland, their hometown.In 1942 German Nazis...
Mayor Langford's Letter to St. James School
1978 congratulations letter from Orlando Mayor Carl  T. Langford to St. James Cathedral School on their 50th anniversary in downtown Orlando. Mayor Langford notes how "The Orlando community has benefited from, and has been blessed by, the tremendous nu...
Orlando Senior High School - 1924 Yearbook
This is Helen Griffin's copy of the 1924 edition of The Echo - Orlando High School Yearbook. According to the 1927 Orlando city directory, Orlando Senior High School was located on east Robinson street between north Summerlin Avenue and north Hyer...
Saint James Cathedral: This is where God lives...
September 11th, 2011 oral history interview with Orlando attorney Michael R. Walsh at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando. Hear highlights from his interview in this  6 minute excerpt.Mr. Walsh came to Orlando in May 1964 and remembers how beautiful...