Holocaust Commemoration Day Reflections with Lawrence Kolin of Orlando
I come every year because I'm a...survivor. And so I come to pay my respects. And I wouldn't be here today if my family hadn't escaped. So, I'm always very solemn on this day and thankful that some folks in...
R. L. Hyer & Company Livery
Messrs. R. L. Hyer & Co., have sold their entire livery business to Menefee & Palmer and W. M. Matthews of the Orlando Transfer Company, Mr. Matthews buying two-thirds and Menefee & Palmer one-third of the outfit. The transfer took...
The Musical Life of Sister Mary Catherine Brennan
Sister Mary Catherine Brennan served as Director of Music for Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando for many years. She brilliantly suggested the Cathedral invest in a Wicks Pipe Organ which they now have to the benefit of our downtown...
Sheriff Jim Black
Mr. Black came to Orlando at the age of 17 in 1908 to work for the Orlando Water and Light Company which was owned by Judge John Moses Cheney.  Subjects he discusses in this interview are:  wife's family - the...
Displacement Camp Photo of Holocaust Survivor Helen Greenspun
Photo of Holocaust survivor Helen Garfinkel at  the  Ainring, Germany Displacement  Camp where she lived  from 1946 to 1948. The  displaced  persons  camp  (DP Camp) was a former German Air Force base located  near ...
WMFE-TV Channel 24 - Tower Collapse June 8, 1973
I worked as the Promotion Assistant and Traffic Manager for WMFE-TV from 1972-1976, when it was located in Mid Florida Tech at 2908 West Oak Ridge Road, Orlando, 32809.The station suffered a tragedy on June 8, 1973 when the tower...
The Quality of Education in Orange County: Then & Now
We need people educated and I think we here in Orlando stand at really the foreground. We have all of the facilities that are available and we can take care of a lot of students at the university and prepare...
Dixie P. Barber
Dixie Barber - Supervisor of Elections for 24 years.  Part 1: Dixie arrives in Orlando (1921); Meets Katz Barber, her husband; Mizell feud; Phar family; Conway area; Store; dead son; Education. Part 2: Katz Barber; Started working in the Registration...
Preserving the Flora of Florida for Future Generations
When Hurricane Charley went through here and devastated part of our yard we spent two years hauling out 9 of the giant oak trees that had fallen. Then the people came and told us we had canker on our citrus...
Teena Ezell
WATCH and LISTEN  as  Teena conveys how she serves as a mentor in the community and school providing guidance and counselling to adults, young adults, and children.
The Patz Family: Engineering Life in Orlando
My husband would do a lot of his work that he did at the Cape at home and it would involve the beginning of computer graphics. Where people were dealing with simulators and they would make submarine simulators and airplane...
Community Giving: A History of Sharing Time, Talent, and Treasure in Orlando
From a $90,000 a year thrift store for the poor to soup and sandwiches for the hungry, St. James Cathedral's history of community giving is dedicated to serving the needy in our area. As an Orlando organization tithing 10% of...