General Surgeon Dr. C. David Price Medical Oral History Interview, 2012
When Florida native Dr. C. David Price came to Orlando in 1954, he was the only fully qualified General Surgeon between Orlando and Jacksonville. You had to join the Orange County Medical Society to practice medicine and have hospital privileges....
Technology Development in Central Florida
The Research and Advanced Technology Systems (RATS) section of Martin Marietta in Middle River got combined to make a company called Bunker-Ramo. Bunker was from Martin Marietta and Ramo was from Simon Ramo, Ramo Wooldridge out at the Cape. And...
Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Institutional Church Presentation to the Historic Preservation Board
Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Institutional Church Presentation to the Historic Preservation Board, City of Orlando, on June 6, 2007 and updated for the 130th Church Anniversary by Lillian Lancaster, Church Clerk.Excerpt: In the last quarter of the 19th centur...
Concord Park Elementary School, Circa 1949
Ms. Anderson's third grade class at Concord Park Elementary School are all smiles as photographer Alan Anderson takes the shot.Mr. Anderson had the contract for Orange County Public School photos for about 25 years.Photo courtesy of Bertie Martin Hunt who...
The Blessing of the Animals at St. Michael's Church
Saint Francis of Assisi is remembered at St. Michael's Church in College Park with the Blessing of the Animals by Father Quigley. Charley, center aisle, who was a little nervous at the start of service, appears peaceful and smiling as...
Henry V.
Henry V. discusses how he chose to move to Orlando, unique qualities of Orlando, and his experiences as an English instructor at the Southeast Branch, OCLS.
WWII Veteran Earl K. Wood, 397th Infantry, 100th Division
WWII Veteran Earl K. Wood, far left, with his fellow veterans at a reunion of the 397th Infantry, 100th Division.Play Video interview.Photo courtesy of Mr. Wood. by Jane Tracy
The Coliseum
The renowned Coliseum where Earl K. Wood and his wife, Mary, danced to the sounds of Big Band music many a night. Earl was voted best dancer at Orlando High School. His seat at the Coliseum was 17 B.According to...
Earl K. Wood: 1916-2012
Photo of Earl K. Wood,  "Woody" as he was known in the 397th Infantry, 100th Infantry Division where he served as Technical Sergeant during World War II. Play Video interview. 
St. Michael's Church Art & Traditions
Kneeler at the altar of St. Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park embroidered by Rebecca Thomas Millitzer. Mrs. Millitzer did a lot of the needlepoint in the main church as seen in the below photos. Mrs. Millitzer, a legacy member of St....
St. Michael's Episcopal Church: Dedication of the Rose Window
Program for the Dedication of the West End Window at St. Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park, December 8, 2002. by Jane Tracy
Anita & Jimmy Bryant Move to North Ivanhoe Boulevard
Photo of Anita Bryant and Jimmy Bryant  announcing  their new colonial home at 315 North Ivanhoe Boulevard was celebrated with a surprise housewarming party given by friends.The article was noted in a letter to Postmaster Bryant from Frederick C. Bel...