Easter Egg Hunt at St. Michael's Church
A treasured Easter basket and the thrill of looking for eggs is good family fun at St. Michael's Episcopal Church Easter egg hunt in College Park.
The Easter Cross at St. Michael's Church
Decorating the Easter Cross with fresh flowers, an Easter tradition at Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park.
"What Are You Going to Do for the Master Today?"
L. Claudia Allen, she was a great leader in our church. We also sponsor a program which is called L. Claudia Allen Day and that's a fundraiser for scholarships and then we present scholarships in her honor. Yes, I remember...
Orlando Lutheran Towers: It's a Good Community for People to Live In
Evelyn Powers is a welcoming presence to the downtown community of Orlando Lutheran Towers who stop in to pick up a danish and coffee at the lovely cafe shop. We invite you to listen as she tells her story of...
A Visit to Mrs. Wallace's Garden
The beauty of a garden in Florida is a year around joy as seen in these photos of Mrs. Wallace's garden, November 2012. Mrs. Wallace, an Orlando native,  does all the work herself. She is a retired school teacher who...
St. Michael's Episcopal Church
Decorating for Palm Sunday at St. Michael's Episcopal ChurchDecorating for Palm Sunday at Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park, 1970.  Palm Sunday Mass at Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park, 1970.
Altamese Pritchett: Mount. Zion Missionary Baptist Institutional Church Oral History
It took 7 years to build the church because nobody, no institution would loan Mt. Zion the money to build the church...Because they wouldn't let black folk do it. But guess how we got it? The officers of the church...
The Summit Award
Joan Milligan is presented with The Summit Award from Kathleen R. Russell, right, President of The Central Florida Women's Resource Center.  The Central Florida Women's Resource Center's Eighth Annual Salute to Women was held Thursday, September...
Pamela Woodley: Legacy, Faith, Future
A lot of the people in the church were in the community and you knew them all they were your teachers, they were your neighbors. You know everybody kind of lived around the same place, the postman, the doctor, the...
Lenten Seder at St. Michael's Church
Lenten seder at Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park, circa 1980s.Father Quigley led the Judaeo-Christian Lenten suppers at Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park.Reverend Vernon Quigley, the third Rector of St. Michael's Episcopal Church...
Living Christian Service and the Cross
When Ormund Powers was asked to oversee the  Fresh Start Program of the Christian Service Center he said that he would and did. He and his wife, Barbara Powers, would go down on the 27th of the month and serve...
Architect Nils M. Schweizer Speaks at ECW Luncheon
Nils M. Schweizer, renowned architect, speaks on theology and church architecture at the Episcopal Church Women's Luncheon at Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park, February 9, 1960.Schweizer started the Orlando architectural firm Schweizer Associat...