Orlando City Soccer
About Orlando City Soccer Club: Orlando City Soccer Club (OCSC) is the premier professional soccer sports franchise in the State of Florida. The Lion's pro team has won two regular season titles and one postseason championship during their short time...
College Park Oral History Night with The Pickerill's
Paul Pickerill was out on a boat fishing with Mike Cook one day and thought about starting a sporting goods business... according to family historian, his wife, Paula Pickerill, in 1950 Mr. Pickerill purchased two lots for $2000.00 a piece at...
Leon H. Handley: Icon of a Southern Gentleman
Oral history interview with Mr. Leon H. Handley at his law office in downtown Orlando, December 11, 2012. Part I  LISTEN  (14:49) Growing up in Lakeland. My father joined the company that was called the Mulberry Explosives Supply Company formed ...
Critical Thinking with Pat and Edee Greene
Pat Greene of Urban Rethink tells us how his grandmother Orlando Sentinel editor, columnist, and groundbreaking reporter, Edee Greene taught him critical thinking skills: She got the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Fort Lauderdale paper, and The...
Bertie Hunt's Concord Park School Day Memories
Concord Park Elementary School was truly a beautiful school ...pristine white, bells in the towers, built about 1925, as Bertie Hunt remembers it from her school days and her beautiful photographs attest, there were many happy times. Bertie's father attended...
Aspects of War by Hardin Moore
This information is from an interview I had with my great uncle, Bill Milligan, the son of James Manly Milligan. James Manly Milligan, my great grandfather, was born in Georgia in 1904. He was in the US Army Air Corps and...
Helen Greenspun with Displacement Camp Theater Group
Helen Garfinckel, center in white coat, is pictured with the theater performers at Displacement Camp in Ainring, Germany. Ms. Garfinkel was liberated from Allach concentration camp on April 29th, 1945 by the United States Military. After recuperating in a...
Episcopal Youth Community Retreat, Spring 1964
Dockside photo of the young people of Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park at the Episcopal Youth Community Retreat, Spring 1964.