Don Dunn Oral History Interview
My name is Don Dunn and I've lived in the Orlando area since 1961, but visited for the first time in 1947 in the springtime... there were six of us in a '38 Chevrolet that belonged to my stepfather, my...
Pilot Club of Orlando, Florida
Pilot Club International Pilot International was founded as a professional women's organization on October 18, 1921 in Macon, Georgia. "Organized and developed by a representative group of business and professional women in Macon, the name Pilot Club Interna...
Summer Picnic, Orlando 1947
Paul and Doris Schankweiler, far right, with daughter Ruth, far left, her sister Joan, cousin Butch Dunn, Don Dunn's brother, Lois Scankweiler far right and neighbor Ethel Wolfe celebrate summer outdoors at their home on Orange Blossom Trail in 1947.