Mrs. Marilee Ivy's Extraordinary Life
My folks were pioneers of Orange County and my grandfather came down in the late 1800's around the Civil War time. And he bought land up around Lake Griffin up around Wildwood and that lake was named after them. And...
Universal Orlando Resort
Universal Orlando Resort first opened its gates on June 7, 1990, but not by that name.  Since the opening in 1990 the name of the park has changed slightly. First as Universal City Florida, Universal Studios Florida, Universal Studios Orlando,...
Martin Orlando Presentations Chief Robert Buck Oral History Interview
My name is Robert Buck.. I'm originally from New York and that's where I was when... in 1960 Martin Marietta hired me. I was a copy writer for an ad agency up there and they wanted me to write recruiting...
Charlie Gray's Orlando Arena Construction Hat
Charles Gray's Orlando Arena construction hat given to him by Orlando Mayor Bill Frederick.LISTEN as Mr. Gray tells the story behind the hat in this excerpt from an oral history interview at his Gray Robinson law office in downtown Orlando...
Grand Avenue Elementary School Principal's Album 2005-2006
Mrs. Tillman's 2nd Grade Class from the Grand Avenue Elementary School Principal's Album 2005-2006. VIEW Album.  
Orlando General Hospital
Founded in 1941 as Orlando Osteopathic Hospital, Orlando General Hospital was once a 15-bed facility that was a large converted house located at 603 Hillcrest Street.   Click here to see an image of this house circa 1940. Photograph by W French ...
The Atlantic City Boys in Maitland
Check out this video of one of their shows. The Atlantic City Boys starring Clark Barrios appeared at the Shrine Temple in Maitland in 2013 and I was lucky (?) enough to be chosen from the audience to be sung to...
Orlando Public Library - Library Square Proposal
VIEW FULL SIZE IMAGEFeatured in the  Orlando Central City publication at the end of the two year development period, Library Square is detailed in the Library Square Proposal.Below  from pages 25-26 in Orlando Central City: Library SquareLibr...
Princess Bryanna's Magical Day
            Since Bryanna's magical day started like any other Sunday, we got up, got breakfast, and went to Church.            Bryanna was very good in Church. She bowed her ...
Rosie O'Grady's Good Time Jazz Band
Rosie O'Grady's Good Time Jazz Band has performed around the country and around the world since it's inception in 1974. The members have changed through the years but the music was always fantastic. Rosie O'Grady's Good Time Jazz Band and Red...
Father Bowman Blessing the Children at Saint Michael's Church
Father Dick Bowman blesses the children at the altar of Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park. Reverend Richard  Bowman became the fourth rector of St. Michael's Church in February 1987. St. Michael's Church services started in Duckworth'...