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St. Mary Magdalen Church – Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2006

Celebrate Marriage Sunday was beautifully organized in 2006 by Mary and Blake Van Brunt and Dawn and Sal Rivas. The Mass was celebrated by Father Ed Thompson and Deacon Henry Libersat. The turn out was nothing short of amazing! Over 70 couples registered for the event and even more showed up for the celebration. We had over 25 couples who had been married more than 50 years!

   Our lectors were Liza and Dan Copeland, Tony and Nicole Calamarino, and Mary Ann and David Salazar. Our Cantor was Lisa Cioffi, and we were fortunate to have the bell choir add to the festivities. Our photographer was Doug McGee and internet photos were provided by Mary Jo Nocero.

   Six couples celebrating 25 years of marriage took part in the presentation of the gifts: Anita and Leonard Kovalsky, Mike and Karen Malatesta, Mary and Maury Little, Connie and Sam Swisher, Margaret Kirk and Bill Brown, and Jeanette and Joe Gassie. Our longest married couple, Maria and Libero Nicolazzi, and most recently married couple, Missy and Bill Dailey, were honored with a marriage cross and a special certificate signed by our pastor, Father Charlie Mitchell.

Celebrate Marriage Day Couples

64 Years – Maria and Libero Nicolazzi, Charles and Linda Evans, Lawrence and Gilda Pettinati,
                 Jack & Celia Rube

63 Years – Dot and Jim Charron

60 Years – Mitzi and Ed Danowitz, Mary and Ray Green, Virginia and Alex Stavole

59 Years – Charlotte and Jim Swisher

58 Years – Franca and Kenneth Hise, John and Fada Nemeh

56 Years – Jeanne and JJ “Buzz” Kubicki

55 Years – Cecile and John Mestan, Eileen and Bill Brandofino

54 Years – Mary Ann and Bob Davidson

53 Years – Gerry and Hugh O’Shaugnessy, Gertrude and Anthony Valante, Connie and Joe Verlander

52 Years – Edea and John Ferraro

51 Years – Mary Ann and Walter McFadden, Margaret and Joseph Salter

50 Years – Jean and Jack Cantasey, Peg and John de Caprio, Aida and Eugenio del Monte, Ann and George Eichner, Joan and Al Floegel, Dolores and Don Ginat, Gail and Robert Hartner, Joan and David Heileman, Rosemary and Norm Kazyk, Gert and Chuck Lorenz, Maryann and Roger Marchetti, Doug and Arlene Magee, Carole and Pat McGroaty, Jean and Anthony Panico, Joe and June Pullaro, Diane and Joe Radigan, Doris and Richard Reimiller, Geraldine and Charles Richardson, Mercy and Mario Riveron

47 Years – Mary and Harley Parkhurst

45 Years – Ronald and Joan Bryant, Joyce and Raymond Flood, Rose and Jim Panico, Patricia and Pat Scanlon

42 Years – Frank and Veronica Dailey

41 Years – Diane and Roy Scranton

40 Years – Perla and Francisco Ariz, Susand and Steven Barry, Barbara and Gilbert Trad, Marie and Jay Wishau

37 Years – Feroza and Vernon D’Abreu

35 Years – Judy and Roger Brickner, Susan and Jules Jacques

30 Years – Nancy and Wayne Chalifoux, Mary Jo and Jack Finnerty, Liz and Dan McAlarney

26 Years – Anita and Leonard Kovalsky

25 Years – Margaret Kirk and Bill Brown, Jeanette and Joe Gassie, Mary and Maury Little,  Mike and Karen Malatesta, Connie and Sam Swisher

22 Years – Lenny and David Barrett

21 Years – Liliana and Norman Porras

20 Years – Tammy and Lee Byrns, Mary Jeanne and Stephan Ibarguen, Dawn and Sal Rivas, Michelle and Kevin Schloot

16 Years – Mary Ann and David Salazar

15 Years – Joegory and Susa Rae Baldado, Gloria and Antonio Falero

10 Years – Jahara and Omar Aguirre, Laura and Robert Anderson, Lisa and Todd Guiley,  Christine and Mike Lyons, Yadeira and Ruben Mateo, Maria and Jeff Sonksen, Loi and John Zaporteza

6 Years – Joan and Robert Barton

5 Years – Lisa and Jay Brown, Bridget and Chris Lovett, Doug and Jean Provancha

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Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2005 - Derryberry
Married 57 years - Harriet and Wallace Derryberry    
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2006 - Married 60-64 years
Couples married 60 - 64 years. L-R: Lawrence and Gilda Pettinati, Maria and Libero Nicolazzi, Charles and Linda Evans, and Jack and Celia...
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2006 - Swisher
Charlotte and Jim Swisher - Married 59 years
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2006 - Kubicki
Jeanne and JJ "Buzz" Kubicki - Married 56 years
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2006 - O'Shaugnessy
Gerry and Hugh O'Shaugnessy - Married 53 years
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2006 - Salter
Margaret and Joseph Salter - Married 51 years
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2006 - McFadden
Mary Ann and Walter McFadden - Married 51 years
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2006 - Mestan
Cecile and John Mestan - Married 55 Years
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2006 - Cantasey
Married 50 years - Jean and Jack Cantasey
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2006 - del Monte
Married 50 Years - Aida and Eugenio del Monte
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2006 - Lorenz
Married 50 years - Gert and Chuck Lorenz
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2006 - de Caprio
Married 50 years - Peg and John de Caprio
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2006 - Richardson
Married 50 years - Geraldine and Charles Richardson
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2006 - Marchetti
Married 50 Years - Maryann and Roger Marchetti
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2006 - Panico
Married 50 years - Jean and Anthony Panico
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2006 - Radigan
Married 50 years - Diane and Joe Radigan
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2006 - Riveron
Married 50 years - Mercy and Mario Riveron  
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2006 - Reimiller
Married 50 years - Doris and Richard Reimiller (and grandchild)
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