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St. Mary Magdalen Church – Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2007

Celebrate Marriage Sunday was beautifully organized this year by Mary Jo Nocero with her wonderful team: Grace Hennessey, Barbara Kuhn Epple, Maureen Castille, Susan Spellane, Chrissy Schween, Maria Garcia, Veronica Daily, Maria Sonksen, Feroza D’Abreu, Mary Little, Terry and Paul Bouchard, Gail and Tony Bechtold, Dina and Tom Van Kannought, Dawn and Sal Rivas, Dan and Liz Copeland, Cindy and Steve Nolder, Maureen and Tom Kramlinger, Doug Magee and Mike Nocero. Claire Geltz, indispensable as always, made up the Certificates and took registrations.
The Mass was celebrated by Father Ed Thompson. We had over 20 couples who had been married more than 50 years! Our lectors were Maureen and Tom Kramlinger, Mike and Mary Jo Nocero, Liz and Dan Copeland.
   Group photos were taken by Doug Magee, and individual photos by Veronica Dailey, assisted by Maria Sonksen.
   Our longest married couples Gilda and Lawrence Pettinati and Celia and Jack Rube at 65 years were honored last year, and so this year we honor the couples married 60 years: Frank and Alice Gidus, Catherine and Jack Cassidy, Robert and Elizabeth Geiger, Mae and George Armstrong, and Bob and Ellen Sutcliff.

2007 Celebrate Marriage Day Couples

65 Years – Lawrence and Gilda Pettinati, Jack and Celia Rube
60 Years – Mae and George Armstrong, Catherine and Jack Cassidy, Robert and Elizabeth Geiger. Frank and Alice Guidus, Bob and Ellen Sutcliff

58 Years – Frances and Manuel Willoz
57 Years – Don and Marie Grabosky
56 Years – Richard and Marie Cella
55 Years – Rose and Earl Kirkley, Jose and Josefa Perdoma
52 Years – Mary Ann and Walter McFadden
51 Years – Jack and Jean Canatsey, Arlene and Doug Magee, Dick and Doris Reimiller, Connie and Joe Verlander

50 Years – Juliette and Alan Barton, Ray and Judy Hosler, Toni and Larry Martiny, Alicia and Ramon Licha, Guy and Margie Musacchio, Roger and Mary Ann Marchetti, Al and Joan Floegel,Don and Suzanne Nelson
45 Years – Marge and Tom Ward
40 Years – Rosalie and Andy Winkelman, Keith and Victoria Huddleston
32 Years – Lester and Evelina Murry

25 Years – Steve and Cindy Nolder, Liz and Dan Copeland, Richard and Amy Knaus, Jim and Laurie Hebert, Larry and Lynne Henyecz, Leo and Maria Magdalena Sanchez
21 Years – Jim and Ryan Barton
15 Years – Heather and Robert DeMeola, Anthony and DiAnne Di Re, Julie and Joe Brown, Kathi and Ernie Reiter
14 Years – Dale and Tonia Barton
10 Years – Melissa and David Weisman, Dina and Tom Van Koughnett, Andy and Jeannete Rodriguez

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Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2007 - Group Photo
Group photo of couples married 50, 60, and 65 years  at Celebrate Marriage Sunday  2007  - St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church in...
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2007 - Married 65 Years
  Left: Jack and Celia Rube, Right: Gild and Lawrence Pettinati  
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2007 - Armstrong
George and Mae Armstrong - Married 60 years
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2007 - Cassidy
Catherine and Jack Cassidy - Married 60 years
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2007 - Geiger
Robert and Elizabeth Geiger - Married 60 years
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2007 - Guidus
Frank and Alice Guidus - Married 60 years
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