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St. Mary Magdalen Church – Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2008

  Celebrate Marriage Sunday was organized this year by Mary Jo Nocero with her competent and indispensable team: Co Coordinator Grace Hennessy, Rachael Armstrong, Maureen and Lloyd Castille, Susan Spellane, Marge Warner, Jeanna and Angelo Wong, Victoria Adams, Raymond Rodriguez, Gail & Tony Bechtold, Carol Vivera made up the beautiful corsages. Kim Drefcinski collated all the key information into a spread sheet for us to follow. Our greeters were: Gary and AnnMarie Couture, Carol and Joe Spinella, and our lectors who assisted them. Our Sacristans were Peggy and John DiCaprio. The Mass was celebrated by our very special Father Ed Thompson. Our lectors were Kim and Craig Drefcinski, Mike and Mary Jo Nocero, Liz and Dan Copeland, and Laurel and Bear Garber. Our Cantor was Lisa Cioffi Adler and Organist and Liturgist was Mark Ayers Individual and group photos were taken by Veronica Dailey, Rachael Armstrong, and Doug Magee, assisted by Pat Floegel.

  Our longest married couple, Bernard and Lucy Pitt, were married in Spring Valley, New York in 1933 – 75 years ago!

2008 Celebrate Marriage Day Couples

75 Years – Lucy and Bernard Pitt

66 Years – Helen and Harold Ball

63 Years – Helen and George McLaughlin

62 Years – Mitzi and Ed Danowitz

60 Years – Silvia and Carlos Padilla, Franka and Ken Hise

59 Years – Consuelo and Ruben Zabaleta, Frances and Manuel Willoz

58 Years – Madelene and Will Naughton

57 Years – Theresa and Jerry Wicklin

56 Years – Mary Ann and Bob Davidson

55 Years – Irene and Ed Kuhn, Elizabeth and Bill Kelley, Virginia and John Birmingham, Gertrude and Anthony Valente, Connie and Joe Verlander

54 Years – Margaret and Roy Anderson

53 Years – Mary Ann and Walter McFadden, Carol and Bill Lawless

52 Years – Jackie and George Sheldon, Jean and Jack Canatsey, Peggy and John DiCaprio

51 Years – Ray and Judy Hosler

50 Years – Alice and Raymond Bayard, Shirley and Jack Guignard

45 Years – Sharon and Frank Corso, Anne and Nhu Nguyen

40 Years – Ann Marie and Gary Couture, Donna and Anthony Jarackas

39 Years – Feroza and Vernon D’Abreu

35 Years – Barb and Greg Nelsen, Martha and Jorge Pardo, Francine and Bill Seal, Eileen and Jack Burbridge

30 Years – Lynette and Michael Lugo, Kathy and Bill Crowell, Mary and Michael Hansell, Carmen and Jorge Friguls, Maureen and Lloyd Castille

25 Years – Jan and Michael Dodane, Allison and Steve MacGeorge, Victoria and Michael Makransky. Marilyn and Bob Pagliaro

24 Years – Christine and Mark Mulinski

20 Years – Ethel and Durwood Foshee, Theresa and Brad Degler, Debbie and Jerry Karleskint,
Julie and Ed Slebodnik. Maria and Charles Spencer, Elsie and Ralph Clink

15 Years – Valerie and Brian Thomas

13 Years – Kim and Craig Drefcinski

10 Years – Renee and Wayne Fricker, Greg and Chris Drosky, Mary and Anthony Gulde, Kathleen and Tony DiLella, Carol and Paul Kelly

8 Years – Danielle and Tom McFadden, Kristina and Emilio Regala

5 Years – Regina and Dan Quigley, Dina and Craig Bayard

7 Weeks – Von and Frank Farrell

Also participating – Mr. and Mrs. Roselli, Debbie and Joe Tomaselli

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Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2008 - Group Photo
Married couples reaching milestones in their marriage were celebrated at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Parish on January 27, 2008.    
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2008 - Longest Married Couple
Bernard and Lucy Pitt - Married 75 years. The Pitts were married in 1933 in Spring Valley, New York. Bernard died shortly...
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2008 - 60 Years or More
Married 60 or more years. Silvia and Carlos Padilla, Ken and Franka Hise, Helen and George McLaughlin
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2008 - Married 55 Years or More
Married 55 years or more. Front: Elizabeth and Bill Kelley, Jerry and Theresa Wicklin. Back: Irene and Ed Kuhn, Virginia and John Birmingham, Gertrude...
Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2008 - Married 50 years
Married 50 years. Jack and Shirley Guignard, Alice and Raymond Bayard
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