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St. Mary Magdalen Church – Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2009

Over 40 couples renewed their vows and celebrated landmark anniversaries on Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2009 at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church. Father Ed Thompson officiated at the 12 noon Mass.

Mary Jo Nocero and Grace Hennessey co-chaired the event and special recognition was given to Helen and George McLaughlin the longest married couple and Terry and Gloria Soule – married just two weeks.

Lectors were Anne Marie and Gary Couture, Michelle and Steven Fitzpatrick, Maureen and Tom Kramlinger, and Liz and Dan Copeland. Hospitality couples were Carol and Joe Spinella, Annette and Gary Moskop, Margie and Anthony Bastolla, Frank and Veronica Dailey.

Photographers were Veronica Dailey, assisted by Hannah Carlton and Irma Shook Robato assisted by Elizabeth Floegel. Carol Vivera made the corsages and Maureen Castille, Marjorie Ward, Victoria Adams, Mary Ann Devaney, Nancy and Wayne Challifoux and the daughter of Grace Hennessey worked at the welcome tables.
2009 Celebrate Marriage Day Couples

64 Years – Helen and George McLaughlin

George and Helen McLaughlin – Married 64 years

63 Years – Ed and Mitzi Danowitz

62 Years – Dan and Fran Dingman, Elizabeth and Robert Geiger, Catherine and John Cassidy, Kenneth and Franca Hise

54 Years – Walter and Maryann McFadden

53 Years – Don and Dolores Gnat, Jack and Jean Canatsey,  John and Peggy De Caprio, Pat and Carole McGroarty

52 Years – Joan and Al Floegel

51 Years – Ray and Judy Hosler

50 Years – Nick and Sandy Coscia, Harley And Mary Parkhurst, William and Phylis Perkins

45 Years – Jeanne and George McCullough, Frank and Veronica Dailey

40 Years – Fran and Les Cowie

36 Years – Ed and Karen Gallagher

35 Years – Lester and Evelyn Murray

30 Years – Lorraine and Michael Camarano, Randy and Holly Litz

25 Years – Maureen and Pat Floegel, Debbie and Steve Yoakum

21 Years – Jim and Brenda Blanton

20 Years – Tony and Barbara Calabrese

15 Years – Rodney and Kristin Gutierrez

10 Years – Arik and Regina March, Jan and George Meyer

4 Years – Selina and Mario Fernandes

2 Months – George and Holly Morris

2 Weeks – Terry and Gloria Soule

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Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2009 - Married 50 years or more

Married 50 or more years. William and Phylis Perkins, Harley and Mary Parkhurst, Sandy and Nick Coscia

Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2009 - McLaughlin

Longest married couple - Helen and George McLaughlin - Married 64 years!

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