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V-J Day: August 14, 1945

2010 is the 65th anniversary of the war’s end – V-J Day. Where were you? WWII Veterans of Central Florida recall where they were when the news of victory came. Some were in the Pacific dodging bullets and suicide bombers others were in Germany waiting to go to the front, and some were close to home celebrating in front of the White House. Hear their firsthand accounts of this historic moment!

Orange County Library System salutes the Central Florida Veterans who served our country! Hear firsthand accounts of their service in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and other military service.

John J. Broderick – WWII Veteran John J. Broderick and Wife Patricia Interview       Video  Part I      Part II

Robert Brodrick – WWII Veteran Robert Brodrick

Liston “Alex” Coomer – WWII Veteran Liston “Alex” Coomer Interview

Tom Connors – WWII Veteran Tom Connors Interview

Rocco Covello – WWII Veteran Rocco Covello

Jack W. Cropp  – WWII Veteran Jack W. Cropp Interview 

Frank D. Harrison – WWII Veteran Frank D. Harrison Interview

Floyd O. Johnson – WWII Veteran Floyd O. Johnson 

Clyde Russell McCumber – WWII Veteran Clyde Russell McCumber

Lou Toth – WWII Veteran and German Prisoner of War 

Audrey Tracy – WWII Veteran Audrey Tracy Interview


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