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First National Bank of Orlando

A newspaper article in the Orlando Morning Sentinel 15 February 1934 lists the eight men responsible for the reorganization of the First National Bank of Orlando.

The article mentions that after weeks of organization the First National Bank at Orlando would open its doors at 9 a.m. on 15 February 1934 and simultaneously begin distribution of a 30 per cent dividend of the old First National assets. The new bank would occupy the location of the First National Bank and Trust Company. It seems likely that the first First National Bank probably failed during the financial upheaval of the Great Depression.

Photos of the following appear under the banner: “These Men Guide Destinies Of The New First National Bank:” T. K. Johnson – Vice President, F. L. Morse – President, Linton E. Allen – Vice President, W. T. Bland – Chairman, E. C. Langston – Director, H. L. McDonald – Director, w. T. Murphy – Director, and E. W. Yandre – Director.

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