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Corbett Dodd

Basil Corbett Dodd started his own dairy business in Goldenrod at the age of 17 and served as a Seminole County commissioner for over a dozen years.  Born on February 2, 1907, Mr. Dodd’s parents moved to central Florida in 1910 from West Virginia.

He was interviewed by Sandra Hinson on September 29, 1976 for the Friends of the Orlando Public Library’s Oral History Committee.  We are grateful for the Orange County Regional History Centers making this recording available for Orlando Memory.

Topics include: Winter Park stores and streets of the 1910s; making Winter Park Golf Course; 1919 fly swatter campaign!; boyhood jobs; school; early medicine and doctors; laying bricks for streets; fruit packing and shipping; truck farming and selling; the dairy business in Winter Park.

Interview Part 1  LISTEN (30:26)


Interview Part 2  LISTEN (30:44)


Newspaper article:  In Size, Brawn and Political Power, Goldenrod’s B. C. Dodd Was a Tower.

Obituary: Hinton (West Virginia) News, 11-02-1982, pg. 10.


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Interview with Corbett Dodd Part 1

Interview with Corbett Dodd Part 2

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  1. Mary Viellenave says:

    B.C. Dodd was my great uncle. My take away is that there isn’t a road I drive down around Seminole County that he didn’t own or clear or have a hand in in some way. Very cool recording. Thank you!

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