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WWII Veteran Earl K. Wood

Earl K. Wood was assigned to the 100th Infantry Division, replacement forces in the Battle of the Bulge. He put in for the Army Air Force and made it. “Woody” served 5 years as a Technical Sergeant during WWII. He was in Stuggart, Germany when the war ended and was assigned to Paris to process the paperwork for those going home.

When asked, “How has serving your country affected your life?” Mr. Wood says, “It taught me about God.” He has been a member of First Presbyterian Church for 50 years, The American Legion and VFW for 50 years, the Shriners for 25 years, and is the longest serving Tax Collector in Florida.

Hear his firsthand account of Orlando history, patriotism, and the values of the “greatest generation” in this oral history interview.
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WWII Veteran Earl K. Wood, 397th Infantry, 100th Division
Photo of WWII Veteran Earl K. Wood, far left, with his fellow veterans at a reunion of the 397th Infantry, 100th Division. Play...
WWII Veteran Earl K. Wood
Photo of Earl K. Wood, "Woody" as he was known in the 397th Infantry, 100th Infantry Division where he served as Technical...
The Coliseum
The renowned Coliseum where Earl K. Wood and his wife, Mary, danced to the sounds of Big Band music many a night....
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Cannon Company, 397th Infantry, 100th Infantry Division

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Individuals mentioned: Lt. Ross H. Bearup, Pfc. Robert E. Kirsch, Pfc. Joseph T. Mete, Pfc. Victor Lovati, Cpl. Walter E. Scribner, Pvt. Edward J. Soprych, Pfc. Joseph F. O'Boyle "Lefty", Earl K. Wood "Woody", Roland Julien "Frenchy", Sergeant Gerard Ellenberg "Gerry", Jack Keohane "Eyes", Herman F. Zinn, George Dzurisn, Terry Reschzenski, Terrance E. Anderson, Robert W. Senser, Sotirious J. Perutsakos, Alex W. Grushinsky, Robert E. Maier, Edwin S. Mycock, Berlin Sally, Pfc. Harry Moller, Pfc. Kleso, Pfc. Kirsch, Pfc. James Hartley, Pfc. Peterson, Pfc. George Steffen, Pfc. Thomas Martin, Pfc. Ralph Bowen, Pfc. Ben Affricano, Pfc. Gerald Schultz, Pfc. Robert Cantalamessa, Pfc. George Dimas, Pfc. Anderson, Cpl. Kropp, Pfc. Dortch, Cpl. Oczkowski, Pfc. Sheppard, Pfc. Wynveen, Major General Burress, Brig. Gen. Murphy, Colonel Ellis, Capt. Doherty, Bill Maculevich, Lt. Nolan, Major Newton, Captain James S. Changaris, Lieutenant James S. Desrosiers, Lieutenant Raymond Leuring, Lieutenant Edward M. Peterson, Lieutenant James P. Hartley, John T. Sabatie, Alex W. Grushinsky, Pasquale M. Spinosa, Herman F. Zinn, Cornelius E. Driscoll, Sergeant Stephen J. Wasielewski, Sergeant William Berbreian, Sergeant Joseph Totterer, Corporal Ralph Kropp, Lieutenant Henry H. Hewetson, Lieutenant Robert W. Senser, Sgt. Klimon, Cpl. Irving Borresen, Sgt. Samuel Rhodes, Cpl. Joseph Wolak, P.F.C. Ruegg, Cpl. Morrison, Marlene.

Locations mentioned: Fort Bragg Reservation, ship George Washington, Callahan Beach, St. Helene, Dijon, Valence, Marseille, Bertrachamps, Thiaville, Clairupt, Rayon L'Tape, Moyer Moutier, Senones, Dossenheim, Ingweiler, Campe De Bitche, Rohrbach, Petite Rederching, Frankenbach, Neulautern, Bruden, Altmanweiler, Heimingen, Plochingen, Esslingen, Heilbronn, Vosges Mountains, Maginot Line, Le Rabodeau, Moyenmoutier, Senones, St. Blaise La Roche, Mannheim Bridge, Rhine, Alsace Alice, Ft. Jackson, Ft. Bragg, Ft. Benning, Fire Direction Center.

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