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Pine Hills Drive-In Theatre

Remembering the Pine Hills Drive-In Theatre on Colonial Drive, and the A&W Root Beer establishment across the street.

As told by lifelong Orlando resident L. O’Connor, age 55

Just west of Pine Hills Rd., on Colonial Dr., was the Pine Hills Drive-In Theatre.  My family would go there when I was young; five of us in one car.  I usually could not stay awake until the end of the movie, so my two older brothers would put their feet up so that I could sleep across the back floor.  I remember there was a lumber yard next door to the drive-in, and across the street was an A&W Root Beer restaurant.  You would stay in your car, and a waitress would come and take your order.  A serving tray would be attached to the driver’s side window.  I would order a root beer and vanilla ice cream float, which was served in a large frosted mug.  Trying to duplicate that float now with store bought canned A&W root beer isn’t nearly as good.

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