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Robert E Lee Junior High School

Robert E Lee Junior High School, located in Orlando Florida, is now known as Lee Middle School.

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Alyce Blau Shames July, 2011
Alyce moved to the Orlando area in 1949 with her husband and three daughters. All three girls attended school at Lee Middle...
Alyce Blau Shames Interview

Orlando Memory interviewed Alyce Blau Shames on July 27, 2011 with her daughter, Jan Blau.  They are both retired school librarians and they both worked at Robert E. Lee Junior High.  Alyce and her family moved to College Park in 1949 when her husband brought a dry cleaning business to the community.  When her three daughters were old enough Alyce went back to work as a librarian, first with Seminole County and worked at the Oviedo school but soon found her way into Orange County Schools working at Lee Junior High (now Robert E. Lee Middle School) where she facilitated the set up of a county wide central processing service For school library materials.

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Robert E Lee Junior High School Student Directory (1968-1969)

This is the Robert E Lee Junior High School student directory for the years 1968-1969 published by the student council.  The directory lists the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the students along with a list of student council officers.

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