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Seminole Hotel – Winter Park 1890

Advertising pamphlet circa 1890 for the Seminole Hotel in Winter Park and to promote land sales in Winter Park.

Pamphlet front and back cover

First sections of Pamphlet

Inserts in back of Pamphlet: Map of Winter Park, floor plans of hotel

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Seminole Hotel - Winter Park 1890
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Winter Park Florida - 1890 Map
Map of Winter Park, Florida in 1890. This insert can be found in an advertising pamphlet created by the Seminole Hotel in...
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Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Cover

Mentioned: Seminole Hotel, Winter Park, Clyde's Steamship Lines, Wm. P. Clyde & Company, Steamers - Cherokee, Yemassee, Seminole, Delaware.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Inside Front Cover

Mentioned: Winter Park, South Florida Railroad, Dr. Henry Foster of Clifton Springs, NY; President Chester Arthur; Rollins College.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 2-3

Mentioned: Mr. Loring A. Chase, Orange County, Winter Park, Mr. Oliver E. Chapman, South Florida Railroad, R. M. Pulsifer & Company, The Boston Herald, Winter Park Company, F. B. Knowles of Worchester, Colonel Franklin Fairbanks of St. Johnsbury, Congregationalists, Rollins College, Knowles Hall, Lake Interlaken.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 4-5

Mentioned: St. John's, South Florida Railroad, Hotel Seminole, Prohibitionists, Democrats, Rupublicans, R. M. Pulsifer of Boston, George D. Rand of Boston, Judge Eugene Cary of Chicago, William Comstock of Chicago, C. H. Morse of Chicago, Professor Cook and Professor Metcalf of Illinois State Normal Univeristy, Thomas Perrins of Girard College, Dr. W. V. Keating of Philadelphia, Lewis H. Lawrence of Utica, NY, Mrs. Judge Palmer of New York City, A. S. Apgar of Merchants' Bank of New York City, Col. Peckham of St. Louis, Dr. J. E. Brecht of St. Louis, John P. Morton the wealthy publisher. Mrs. Dr. Bull of cough syrup fame of Louisville, KY; Hon. J. I. Hopwood of England, Bishop Whipple of Minnesota, F. W. Lyman of Minnesota, Hon. F. F. Adams of Erie, PA, Gilbert Hart of Detroit, MI, Lieut. G. L. Dyer of the USN, Gen. J. B. Palmer of Richard, VA, Col. Franklin Fairbands of St. Johnsbury, VT, F. B. Knowles of Worcester, Mass.; Dr. J. R. Tantum of Wilmington, Delaware; Dr. J. C. Merritt of Cleveland, Ohio; Judge Welborne of New Jersey; Gen. S. G. French of Georgia; Pansy the noted authoress; Dr. Henry Foster of Clifton Springs, NY; Simeon Farwell of J. V. Farwell & Company of Chicago; J. M. Wilcox of Philadelphia, PA; Gen. H. S. Sanford late Minister to Belgium; Col. Zell of cyclopaedia fame; Col. H. B. Church of the English Army; Charles Amory of Boston; E. B. Haskell of the Boston Herald; H. L. Stebbins the rich publisher of Hartford; Count Wassalief of Russia; Hon. J. G. Sinclair of New Hampshire; Hon. Frank Jones of New Hampshire; Col. Fred Grant of New York, and Thurlow Weed of New York.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 6-7

Mentioned: Winter Park Episcopal Church, Wilson Phelps, J. C. Stovin, Judge Mizell, H. H. Berry, Col. Livingston, Dr. Ira Geer, W. S. Lane, Rollins College, Congregationalists, Rev. E. P. Hooker, Episcopalians, Bishop Whipple of Minnesota, Methodists, Rev. T. C. Potter, Lake Osceola, Mr. W. F. Paige, Seminole Hotel, Kaaterskill in the Catskill Mountains.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 8-9

Mentioned: Image of the Winter Park Congregational Church, General Sanford, Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 10-11

Mentioned: Image of the Rogers House, Winter Park, Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 12-13

Mentioned:  H. S. Kedney, Dr. E. Martin, L. A. Chase of Chicago, Wilson Phelps, Lake Osceola, Dr. J. H. Randolph, Dr. Lendt, John R. Ergood of Washington, DC, Postmaster of Winter Park, Dr. C. C. Haskell, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Dr. Joseph Logan, Dr. A. B. Spruell, Hotel Seminole, Dr. Henry Foster of Clifton Springs, NY; Dr. J. R. Tantum homaeopathis from Wilmington, Delaware; Dr. Henry Foster of Cligton Springs, NY. Image of Mrs. Gilbert Hart's Cottage.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 14-15

Mentioned: Dr. Ira Geer allopathist from Chicago; Dr. M. A. Henkell from Virginia;  Dr. I. K. Bascom of Lynn, Mass.; Dr. O. H. Smith of New York City; President Chester A. Arthur; William E. Chandler, Secretary of the Navy; President Grover Cleveland; Colonel Daniel Lamont; Secretary of War William C. Whitney; Dr. Foster, Senator Chace of Rhode Island.Prominent people who visit Winter Park: Artist. George W. Seavy of Boston. Authors Mrs. Mary J. Holmes and Pansy. Bankers D. G. Ambler, Jacksonville; Edward Tyler, cashier Suffolk Bank, Boston; F. G. Webster, of Kidder, Peabody & Co.'s Banking House, Boston; N. Higginbotham, President First National Bank, Oneida, NY; A. S. Apgar, Cashier Merchants' National Bank, and George W. Smith, of Drexel, Morgan & Co., New York City; H.F.Barrows, President National Bank of North Attleborough, MA; T. Harrison Garrett of Baltimore. Divines - Bishop Henry Whipple of Minnesota and Bishop Young of Florida. Expressman - Charles H. Fargo of Chicago. Educators - Hon. B. G. Northrup of Connecticut; Hon. A. J. Russell of Florida; Professor J. B. Clark of Smith College in Mass.; Professor Langdom of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore; Thomas Perrins of Girard College of Philadelphia, and Professor J. W. Cook of of State Normal University in Illinois.Foreigners - The Duke of Sutherland and Hon. Samuel Plimsoll of England.Hotel Men - O. D. Seavy of the Ponce de Leon in Florida; Warren F. Leland of Chicago; F. G. Staples of Old Orchard, Maine, Nicholas Ball of Block Island.Journalists - Mrs. Frank Leslie of New York, R. M. Pulsifer and E. B. Haskell of Boston, Col. McClure of Philadelphia, O. F. Presbrey of "Public Opinion," Washington.Judges - Judge Nye of California, Judge Welborne of Florida, Judge Green of Illinois, Judge Cary of Chicago, Judge Wallace of Massachusetts, Judge Bingham of New Hampshire.Merchants - Col. Peckham of St. Louis; S. R. Adams of New York City; John P. Morton of Louisville, KY; A. Mcaullar of Macullar & Parker; Otis Norcross and Abram French & Company of Boston; Simeon Farwell of Chicago; E. Nelson Blake of Chicago.Manufacturers - Col. Franklin Fairbanks of Scale Works in St. Johnsburg, Vermont; John Magee of Magee Furnace Works of Chelsea, Mass.; A. S. Kirk of Chicago; D. B. Shipman of Chicago; H. L. Hart of Detroit, Michigan; C. T. Sampson of  North Adam, Mass.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 16-17

Image Rollins College Buildings. Mentioned: James Phillips of Fitchburg, Massachusetts; F. B. Knowles of Worcester, Massachusetts;  Col. A. W. Pope of bicycle fame from Boston; J. C. Hoagland of Royal Baking Powder; Hamilton Disston, saw manufacturer; S. V. Harkness of the Standard Oil Company; W. P. Long of J. D. Cutter & Company of New York,  G. G. Green of Woodbury, NJ.Military Men - Major Gen. Marcy of New Jersey; Gen. George W. Cass of New York, Gen. French of Georgia, Gen. Anderson of Georgia, Col. D. C. Smith of Illinois, Col. Babbit of Connecticut, Gen. Halliday of Pennsylvania.Medical Men - Dr. Henry Foster of Clifton Springs, NY; Dr. J. R. Tantum of Wilmington, Delaware; Dr. J. P. Logan of Atlanta, GA; Dr. W. H. Williams of Denver, CO; Dr. J. W. Gamwell of Torrington, Connecticut; Dr. E. D. Bishop of Iowa; Dr. J. H. McIntire of St. Louis, MO; Dr. L. F. Babb of Eastport, Maine; Dr. J. C. Hale of Brockline, MA; Dr. A. Littlefield of Boston; Dr. J. L. Robinson of Manchester, NH; Dr. L. W. Kinglsey of Elizabeth, NJ; Dr. J. C. Merritt of Cleveland, Ohio; Dr. J. H. Burns of Toronto, Canada; Dr. C. R. Agnew of New York City, Dr. O. H. Smith of New York City, Dr. W. V. Keating of Philadelphia. Navy officer - Lieut. George L. Dyer of the Hydroprahic Office, Washington, DC.Railroad men - Hon. H. B. Plant of New York; Gen. H. S. Haines of Savannah, GA; George Westinghouse of Air-Brake fame; Gen. J.B. Palmer of Richard, VA; Gen. G. W. Bently of Florida; J. E. Ingraham of Florida, George M. Pullman of Chicago, Illinois.Statesmen - Hon. Edwards Pierrepont of New York; Hon. William E. Chandler of New Hampshire; Hon. Wayne McVeagh of Pennsylvania; Gov. James E. English of Connecticut; Hon. I. N. Camden of West Virginia; Hon. Jonathan Chace of Rhode Island; Hon. S. Corning Judd, postmaster of Chicago.Rollins College Faculty - Rev. E. P. Hooker, Nathan Barrows, Rev. L. A. Austin, Miss Annie W. Morton, J. H. Ford, N. Robinson, Professor F. J. Smith, Miss Eva J. Root, Miss Louise M. Abbott, Miss Madge E. Garrett.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 18-19

Image: Rollins College Boys' Building.Rollins College Trustees: F. W. Lyman Minneapolis, Minn.; W. C. Comstock, Chicago, Ill.; Henry Huntington, Winter Park; N. Barrows, Winter Park; Rev. E. P. Hooker, Winter Park; Franklin Fairbanks, St. Johnsbury, Vermont; Rev. M. C. Welch, Pomona; Rev. J. B. Clark of New York City; Rev, G. R. Alden of Winter Park, F. B. Knowles of Worchester, Mass.; Henry Foster of Clifton Springs, NY; Rev. P. B. Fisk of Altamonte; F. B. Smith of Orlando; Rev. C. M. Bingham of Daytona; Rev. H. D. Kitchel of East Liverpool, O.; Hon. A. J. Russell of Tallahassee; Rev. S. D. Smith of Orlando; Rev. B. T. Stafford of Norwalk; Rev. J. A. Tomlinson of Orlando; Rev. S. F. Gale of Jacksonville; Rev. R. T. Hall of Jacksonville. 

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 20-21

Image of New England Avenue in Winter Park.Mentioned: Knowles' Hall, Rollins College, F. B. Knowles of Worcester, Mass.; Rev. E. P. Hooker of Winter Park; The Seminole Hotel.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 22-23

Image: Gussie and her pony.Mentioned:  Winter Park, St. John's River, Henry F. Barrows, President of North Attleborough Bank; Dexter Hunter of the lumber mills of Jacksonville, FL; Hon. Daniel Holmes of Brockport, NY; Mrs. Mary J. Holmes the notes authoress of Brockport, NY; Hon. F. F. Adams, Mayor of Erie, PA; Hon. H. B. Plant the president of the Plant Investment Company (railroads); Hon. S. Corning Judd postmaster of Chicago; Hon. Jonathan Chace United States Senator from Rhode Island.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 24-25

Image: Hotel Seminole.Mentioned: Jacksonville Times Union, Sanford Argus, W. F. Paige manager of the Kaaterskill in the Catskill mountain, Lake Rowena, Lake Sue, Lake Beauty, Lake Berry, Lake Virginia, Rollins College, Lake Mizell, Lake Sylvan, Lake Maitland, Lake Knowles, Lake Killarney, Colonel D. C. Smith of Illinois, General Grant.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 26-27

Image: Colonel P. Peckham's Cottage.Mentioned: Rev. H. D. Kitchell pastor of Plymouth Church, Chicago; The Congregationalist, The Boston Transcript, The Savannah Daily Times, The Church and Home, J. T. Graves a prominent journalist, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Rev. Dr. Street, Living Church, Rev. E. P. Hooker, The Springfield Republican, The New Orleans Times Democrat,  Hamilton Disston, W. C. McClure of the Chicago Evening Journal, Postmaster Judd, Mrs. W. C. Goudy, W. F. Durant, V. C. Turner, James M. Kird, Rev. D. O. Davies.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 28-29

Mentioned: Rev. Dr. C. L. Kitchel of Altoona, PA; Mrs. Henry ward Beecher; Mrs. Bradley of Waukesha, Wisconsin, a correspondent of Chicago Inter-Ocean; Lakes Osceola, Virginia, Maitland; John R. Ergood postmaster of Winter Park; The Gazette of Worcester, Mass.; Architects Fuller and Delano of Worcester, Mass.; F. B. Knowles; Hon. Michael C. Kerr former speaker of the United States House of Representatives; Rev. Oliver Crane of Morristown, NJ; Maitland; authoress Pansy, Thomas Perrins, Esq of Girard College; John P. Morton publisher at Louisville; Dr. Henry Foster of Clifton Springs, NY; Lake Killarney; Steam yacht "Fanny Knowles;" Professor Steele, noted school book author; Mrs. Dr. Bull of courgh syrup fame; R. M. Pulsifer of the Boston Herald; Wilson Phelps, Esq.; newspaper "Lochmede;" Col. Fred Grant son of General Grant; Mrs. Mary J. Holmes noted authoress; Oliver E. Chapman and Loring A. Chase;  Orlando Newspapers - the Reporter, Sentinel and Daily Record; L. A. Chase real estate agent; Southern Express Company - Charles J. Ladd agent; Morgan Line.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 30-31

Image: Rev. Oliver Crane's Cottage.Mentioned:  Winter Park, Plant Investment Company, H. B. Plant, H. S. haines, F. B. Knowles of Worcester Mass, Winter Park Company, St. John's River, Bishop Whipple of Minnesota, All Saints' Church at Winter Park, Democrats, Republicans, Lieut. G. L. Dyer of the United States Navy, Franklin Fairbanks the great scale manufacturer of St. Johnsbury, VT, Dr. Henry Foster of the Sanitarium at Clifton Springs, NY, Bigelow orange grove, Hon. J. L. Hopwood of England former member of Parliament.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 32-33

Image: John R. Ergood's Cottage.

Mentioned:  St. John's River, Winter Park Railroad, Winter park, Mr. Gilbert Hart proprietor of the Detroit Emery Wheel Company, Steam yacht "Nautilus." Lewis H. Lawrence of Utica, NY, Lake Maitland, J. S. Capen of Bloomington, IL; Hannibal Square, Masonic Hall; John C. Stovin a civil engineer and one of the pioneers of Winter Park; "Tetley" on Lake Maitland named after his home in England; Hon. Lewis Lawrence of Utica; Chester A. Arthur, Presiedent of the United States.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 34-35

Mentioned: Osceola, George Catlin, Fort Moultrie, South Florida Railroad, Sanford, R. M. Pulsifer & Company of the Boston Herald, J. E. Ingraham, steamship Mascotte, F. B. Knowles president of the Winter Park Company, Lake Osceola, Rollins College, Col. Franklin Fairbands, A. W. Rollins, Emily Huntington Miller.References mentioned: San Francisco - Judge S. G. Nye of Oakland, F. G. Sanborn, J. Casserly of Herrings Safes. Colorado - Rev. J. S. Black of Colorado Springs, Dr. W. H. Williams of Denver, Mrs. D. Sullivan of Denver. Connecticut - Mrs. Alton Farrell of Ansonia, Hon. B. G. Northrup of Clinton, E. C. Hungerford of Chesterfield, F. W. Cheney of Hartford, Gov. J. English of New Haven, Hon. A. J. Bently of New London, Col. H. A. Babbitt of Pomfret., Oliver Buckly of Southport, Dr. J. Gamwell of Torrington, Dr. Woodruff of Thomaston, J. Whittemore of Naugaruck. Deleware - Dr. J. R. Tantum of Wilmington, S. B. Curtis of Newark. Florida - Judge J. W. Price of Enterprise, Gov. J. G. Sinclair of Orlando, Judge Welborne of Sanford, Hon. A. J. Russell of Tallahassee, J. E. Ingraham of Sanford. Jacksonville - Banker D. G. Ambler, S.F.&W. Railroad W. M. Davidson, Gen. Bently, J.T.&K.W.R. Col. Cambell of St. James. Geo Cecil, De Bary Line, Rev. S.F. Gale, Dexter Hunter, Capt. Shaw "City of Jacksonville," L. R. Tuttle, L.&.N.R.R. St. Augustine - O. D. Seavy of Ponce De Leon and W. W. Palmer of Magnolia.Georgia - Dr. J. P. Logan of Atlanta, Gen. S. G. French of COlumbus, Gen. C. Anderson of Macon, Gen. H. S. Haines of Savannah, Col. C. D. Owens of Savannah.Illinois - C. L. Capen of Bloomington, Judge W. H. Green of Cairo, Chas. Comstock of Evanston, Prof. J. W. Cook of Normal, Col. D. C. Smith of Normal. Chicago - E. N. Blake Board of Trade, V. C. Turner, Judge Eugene Cary, G. L. Cross of L. & N.R.R., W. Comstock of the Board of Trade, W. F. Durant of Leland, Charles Fargo, Sim. Farwell, Judge Van H. Higgins, Hon. S. Corning Judd, A. S. Kirk, Warren F. Leland, C. Morse, George L. Otis, E. H.Sheldon, D. B. Shipman, Byron Smith.Indiana - Levi Iglehart of Evansville, I. Fletcher of Indianapolis, George Ames of Michigan City.Iowa - Dr. E. Bishop of Charles City, E. W. Albe of Dubuque, W. H. Hatch of Des Moines, Hon. H. Curtis of Le Mars, Dr. J. Morgan of Oskaloosa, E. D. Hobbs of Anchorage, Mrs. M. B. Day of Frankfort, Hon. John Morton of Louisville, Mrs. Dr. Bull of Louisville, Hon. W. M. Cocke.Maine - M. V. B. Chase of Augusta, E. C. Nichols of Bangor, Dr. T. Haley of Biddeford, E. P. Hamor of Bar Harbor,  Dr. L. F. Babb of Eastport, F. G. Staples of Old Orchard, W. F. Milliken or Portland, Charles Hazeltine of Bangor, R. Chenery of Belfast.Baltimore - T. H. Garrett, C. Langdon of John's Hopkins University, Mrs. W. Reed, James Tate.Massachusetts - W. D. Fisher, Judge Wallace of Ayer, Mrs. G. B. Howard, Dr. George Brown, Dr. J. C. Hale of Brookline, Dr. E. R. Coggswell of Cambridge, O. E. Chapman of Canton, Frank A Magee of Chelsea, Mrs. L. Saltonstall, C. H. Brown of Fitchburg, James Phillips of Fitchburg, Dr. W. Severance, E. F. Newton of Holyoke, Dr. J. R. Nichols of Haverhill, George E. Davis of Lawrence, Dr. I. K. Bascom, George L. Cady of Lowell, W. R. Gould of Milton, D. W. Tenny of Methuen, Dr. W. Hildreth of Newton, H. F. Barrows, L. J. Marsh of Newburyport, C. T. Sampson of North Adams, Prof. J. Clark of Northampton, Mrs. E. Robinson, Dr. J. S. Hurbut of Springfield, E. F. Ames of Swampscott, Dr. W. Chamberlain of Worcester, A. Macullar of Worcester, E. P. Stetson of Walpole, H. N. Marshall of Northfield, Dr. H. Simpson of Worcester, J. B. Gooddell of Worcester, E. A. Sumner of Worcester, E. A. Morse of Worcester, D. T. Dudley of Sutton, E. E. Forbes of Millbury, W. F. Ward of Hyde Park.Boston - Charles Amory, E. K. Butler, Sylvester Bowman of Beacon Hill, R. B. Brigham, C. M. Blake, I. Fenno & Company, N. D. Blake, W. O. Chapman, I. S. Cruft, G. M. Endicott, B. Esterbrook, Rufus Frost, Abram French & Company, Charles O. Gage, E. B. Haskell, Boston Herald, J. F.  Huestis, Dr. A Littlefield, C. W. Morris, J. Magee of Magee Furnace, Otis Norcross, Col. A. W. Pope, E.B. Pratt,  R. M. Pulsifer, George D. Rand, W. B. Rice, W. T. Rowe, J. R. W. Shapleigh, George W. Seavy, E. Tyler cashier Suffolk Bank, G. H. Walker, John M. Way, William Warren, F. G. Webster, S. P. March, J. J. Eaton.Michigan - R. Gilliland of Adrian, Gilbert Hart of Detroit, W. H. C. Lyon of Flint, G. R. Johnson of Grand Rapids, C. H. Hall of Ishpeming, H. N. Newton of Kalamazoo.Minnesota - A. J. Sawyer of Duluth, Bishop Whipple of Faribault, Dr. S. H. Chute of Minneapolis, F. W. Lyman of Minneapolis, Otis Lord of Owatoona, J. G. Pyle of St. Paul, W. B. Thurston of St. Paul, F. A. Fogg of St. Paul, H. L. Moss of St. Paul, W. W. Eastman of Minneapolis.St. Louis - Col. Burchard,  Dr. J. Brecht, Dr. J. McIntire, Col. Peckham.Nebraska - Mrs. A. S. Goodale of Columbus, L. F. Taylor of Lincoln, J. D. Hanscom of Omaha.New Hampshire - Dr. William Childs, S. A. Gould of Bethlehem, B. F. Caldwell of Concord, H. W. Dustin of Goffstown, C. T. Buffum of Keene, Judge H. Bingham, Dr. M. Wilcox of Lancaster, A. Batchelder, Dr. J. Robinson of Manchester, C. M. Morse of Plymouth, Hon. William H. Chandler.New Jersey - Dr. L. Kinglsey of Elizabeth, O. H. Shepard of Englewood, G. W. Helme of Jersey City, Dr. S. Bassinger of New Providence, Maj. Gen. Marcy of Orange, Dr. J. Alday of Ocean Grove, Dr. E. H. Clark of Orange, P. C. Johnson of Patterson,  Dr. L. H. David, Dr. C. Dunham of Trenton, Dr. G. W. Baily of Wenonah, G. G. Green of Woodbury.New York - Capt. C. E. Thorn, A. Rathbun of Albany, J. M. Brookfield of Brooklyn, Dr. Harrington of Buffalo, Mrs. M. J. Holmes, Dr. Andrus of Canadaigua.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 36-37

MentionedNew York - Dr. H. Foster, R. L. Cary of Dunkirk, Mrs. J. D. Steele of Elmira, Charles L. Mark of Fredonia, Rev. J. Van Slyck, Col. G. D. Brown, G. P. Hosmer of Lockport, Dr. C. S. Betts, Rev. C. Sherman of Nassau, N. Higginbotham of Oneida, Theo. Irwin of Oswego, Rev. Dr. Foote of Rochester, H. K. Bush of Saratoga, D. M. Kennedy of Syracuse, Dr. G. Earl of Skaneateles, G. H. Thatcher of Troy, L. H. Lawrence of Utica, H. J. Wood of Utica, W. W. Green, Dr. J. Rose of Winfield, Moses Lyman of Waverly, W.C. Beardsley of Auburn.New York City - Dr. George A. Quimby, A. S. Apgar of Merchant's Bank, S. R. Adams,  Dr. C. Agnew, O. G. Barton, A. H. Blanchard of Windsor, Rev. W. Barrows, Dr. J. Bishop, Gen. G. W Cass, Arthur Esdra, J. W. Gillespie, J. Hashagen, J. C. Hoagland, W. P. Long, J. E. Ludden, Mrs. Frank Leslie, Dr. G. McCormick, H. B. Plant, Hon. Edwards Pierrepont, L. M. Rutherford, F. A. Schroeder, Dr. O. Smith, Dr. J. Smith, L. B. Brown, B. Beinecke, W. S. Brown.Ohio - J. K. Webster of Dayton, Rev. H. Kitchell, R. M.Barnhart of Marion,  D. N. Hine, E. E. Haynes of Oberlin, J. Woodworth of Sandusky, J. A. Conant of Toledo, T. A. Burns of Versailles.Cincinnati - J. M. Blair of the Exchange Bank, E. T. Kidd of the Cincinnati Coomercial Gazette, Miss S. McLain, Julian Stribley, Dr. W. L. Williams.Cleveland - William Chisholm, Mrs. M. Dowling, S. V. Harkness, Dr. W. P. Horton, George Hall, Rev. H. Ladd, Dr. J. C. Merritt.Pennsylvania - Rev. C. Kitchell of Altoona, A. P. Kirtland of Blairsville, Gen. R. Hollday of Bedford, Hon. F. Adams of Erie, Judge Longaker of Morristown, G. Westingtouse of Pittsburg.Philadelphia - 

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 38-39

Mentioned: Orange Belt Railroad, South Florida Railroad, S.&I.R.R.R., Lake Eustis Railroad, St. John's River steamers, Altamonte Hotel, Seminole Hotel, Rollins College, F. R. & N. Railroad, N. C. Sawyer of Maine, St. James Hotel, Everett Hotel, Windsor Hotel, Duval Hotel, Carleton Hotel, A. O. McDonnell general passenger agent, St. John's River Steamers, Professor George Huntington of Carleton College in Minnesota.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 40-41

Image : Winter Park Company Office Mentioned: The Seminole Hotel, The Winter Park Company, F. B. Knowles of Worcester, Mass.; F. Fairbanks of St. Johnsbury, Vermont; C. H. Hutchins of Worcester, Mass.; Judge J. F. Welborne of Winter Park; J. S. Capen of Winter Park, Elisha F. Ames of Boston; W. E. Forbes of Worcester, Mass.; S. S. Capen of Winter Park; W. C. Comstock of Chicago; Peleg Peckham of St. Louis; Robert L. Day of Boston; Joseph B. Ames of Boston; Dr. J. R. Tantum of Wilmington, Delaware; John Symonds of Keene, NH; Mayor Robert White Jr.; E. L. Maxson, Marshal Alexander Earl, Acting Marshal J. H. Lamay, Assessor Samuel S. Capen, Aldermen Henry S. Chubb, J. W. Dieffenderfer, F. R. Israel, R. R. Thayer, J.R. Mizell, Walter Simpson, J. S. Capen. Attorney William H. Jewell; A. L. Newman, President National Bank of the COmmonwealth of Boston, Mass.; F. G. Webster of Kidder, Peabody & Company, Boston, Mass.; Hon. Alpheus Harding, President Miller's River National Bank in Athol, Mass.; Judge Charles Field of Athol, Mass.Banks: The First National Bank of Sanford, Frederic H. Rand, president; Frank P. Forster, cashier. First National Bank of Orlando, T. J. Shine - president, E. P. Hyer - vice president, Nat. Poyntz - cashier, B. B. Poyntz - assistant cashier. Citizens' National Bank of Orlando, L. O. Garrett - president, H. S. Kedney - vice president, H. G. Garrett - cashier.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 42-43

Mentioned:Sanford Loan and Trust Company, Rollins College, E. L. Maxson, Henkel's Block, C. E. Peirce & Company, Rev. G. R. Alden, F. W. Lyman, Eugene N. Coan, Elbridge J. Coan, M. Alcott,  Coan Brothers & Alcott, George H. Fernald, Joseph Bumby, H. H. Berry, Columbus Buggy Company and Tennessee Wagon Company, Mr. L. A. Chase of Boston, F. G. Webster, John Clark, Son & Company, Mumm's champagne, Everards pure Canada malt lager beer, Lucy Hinton tobacco, Kirk's soaps, Dupont's gunpowder, White's patent money drawers, Pillsbury's best xxxx Minnesota flour.Dr. J. L. B. Eayer, George Hughes of St. Catherine Pharmacy in New York, Huyler's fine candies, Dr. J. L. B. Eager, Dr. Eager's Seminole Pharmacy, L. A. Chase of Winter Park, Chase & Company, Florida Publishing Company, The Florida Times Union, The Weekly Times, The Farmer and Fruit Grower,  South Florida Foundry and Machine Company, William A. Bours, J. E. Tygert & Company, William A. Bours, Griffith's Dining Room, Thomas W. Griffiths, Pioneer Store of Winter Park, A. H. Paul.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 44-45

Mentioned: Robert White, Jr.; Hall's Hotel, H. J. Hall of Winter Park, George L. McConihe, Orlando Ice Manufacturing Company, Chase & Company of Sanford, White, Guernsey & Giles Insurance Company, W. A. White, Joseph L. Guernsey, James L. Giles, Greenleaf & Crosby Jewelers, A. M. Hyer of Winter Park, J. L. Wilkes & Company of Winter Park, The Orange County Reporter, Mahlon Gore, The Orlando Daily Record, Lake Virginia, Lake Maitland, C. H. Hall of Ishpening, Michigan; W. S. Lane of Winter Park; M. A. Henkel of Winter Park, Capen & Company of Winter Park, Bidwell's Improved Peaches, James Mott of Orlando, J. H. Lamay, Hugh MacCallum of Scotland.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 46-47

Mentioned: Sinclair's Real Estate Agency, John G. Sinclair, N. L. Mills, M. R. Marks & Company, M. R. Marks, L. M. Hughes, Dr. H. C. Jones, Rollins College, Rev. E. P. Hooker, Rogers House, A. E. Rogers, Schutz Brothers Dry Goods, The Waltham in Longwood, Art For All Publishing Company, the South Florida Railroad, W. E. Arnold, Wilbur McCoy.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Pages 48-49

Image of cottages on Knowles Avenue.Mentioned:  Rev. Oliver Crane of Moorestown, New Jersey; F. B. Knowles of Worcester, Mass.

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Inside Back Cover

Image: Hotel Kaaterskill in the Catskill Mountains, N.Y.Mentioned: W. F. Paige

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Insert First Floor Map
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Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Insert Floor Plan Upper Floors
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Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Insert Aerial View

Image of THE SEMINOLE Hotel in Winter Park. Pen and ink drawing.Mentioned:  Dr. Henry Foster of Clifton Springs, NY; Forbes & Paige of Winter Park. 

Seminole Hotel Pamphlet - Insert Aerial View
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Seminole Hotel Advertising Pamphlet - Part 1

Seminole Hotel Advertising Pamphlet - Part 1

Seminole Hotel Advertising Pamphlet - Part 2

Seminole Hotel Advertising Pamphlet - Part 2

Includes map of Winter Park and inserts showing floors of the hotel and exterior.

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