The Tunnel
When Katherine Beasley went to Concord Park School what fascinated her was The Tunnel. Students coming from the Country Club area of Orlando walked through an underpass or, "The Tunnel" as most called it, under Orange Blossom Trail to get to Concord Park ... Read more
School Days
Air raid drills to Apopka, Elvis in Orlando, and the Concord School tunnel, school days remembered in this excerpt (14:22) from an oral history interview with Edgewater High School graduates Katherine Beasley Bornstein, Patricia Bell Peters, and Eleanor C ... Read more
Princeton Elementary 5th Grade Class, 1950-51
Princeton Elementary fifth graders pose for a photo in front of the school on Princeton Street in College Park, 1950-51 school year.Seated in the first row are the Bell twins, Eleanor Bell, center and fifth from the left, and Patricia Bell, second fro ... Read more
WWII Veteran Michael A. Monell
Michael Monell was drafted in 1943 and sent to St. Petersburg, FL to experience "The Jungle" in preparation for service in the South Pacific.As it turns out, his WWII tour of duty was in Europe where he served for three and a half years.Mic ... Read more
Sister Mary Katherine Palisin - Easter Memories
In this excerpt from an oral history interview March 18th, 2011 Sister Mary Katherine Palisin, Sisters of Notre Dame nun and Director of Pastoral Ministry at Saint James Cathedral in Orlando, shares her childhood memories of Easter. ... Read more