Technology Development in Central Florida
The Research and Advanced Technology Systems (RATS) section of Martin Marietta in Middle River got combined to make a company called Bunker-Ramo. Bunker was from Martin Marietta and Ramo was from Simon Ramo, Ramo Wooldridge out at the Cape. And they were ... Read more
Playing Bridge with Jonas Salk
"OPEN EXAMINATION" read the sign at the University of Pittsburgh announcing the opportunity for three chemists to work in the health department under Dr. Jonas Salk. Dr. Salk would choose the chemists with the three highest test scores from an open e ... Read more
Colonial High School 1963 Yearbook
A collection of images in the "Advertisements" section and the Faculty Directory of the 1963 Colonial High School yearbook. Many feature businesses that have long since closed and are only found in the memories of long time Orlando residents. Many of the ... Read more