The John Young House
What's it like to live in the house of a famous astronaut? George Williston shares some of the memorable stories of living in The John Young House at the College Park Historical Committee meeting on February 25, 2013. LISTEN (14:20)   John Young ... Read more
Naval Training Equipment Center Brings Technological Research & Development to Orlando
Sophisticated systems for research and development centered in Orlando with the new U.S. Naval Training Device Center discussed in this January 31, 1965 Orlando Sentinel  article, pt. 1, "All's Well! Navy Center Sets Orlando Course".Excerpt: "I think ... Read more
Physicist Benedetti Witnessed First Missile Shot at Cape Canaveral
Benedetti describes the clear warm day on July 24, 1950 when he and his colleagues from the Naval Research Lab were invited to the Cape to watch the first missile shot from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Sonar physicist  Vincent Benedetti recalls scientist ... Read more
John L. Tracy: a Patriot
Born on September 7th, 1927, John L. Tracy was too young to enlist in the military for World War II. But as soon as he was of age, he entered the U.S. Armed Forces because he wanted to serve his country. His work involved using the latest technology from ... Read more