122 Years of Catholic Education in Orlando
St. James parish has a tremendous impact on education... we are now into 122 years of Catholic education. The Sisters of St. Joseph from St. Augustine had a tremendous impact and contribution. They opened up St. Joseph's Academy which eventually was turne ... Read more
Orlando Retrospective: An Intergenerational Oral History Interview with the Buning Family
Mother and daughter oral history interview with the Bunings who lived in the last family home on Lake Eola. The two generation perspective begins with beloved Monsignor Bishop's 25 Year Anniversary at St. James Cathedral where he served as pastor from 193 ... Read more
The Sisters of Notre Dame
From Germany to America, from Arlington to Altamonte, the educational heritage of the Sisters of Notre Dame enriches the lives of individuals throughout the world. In this 13 minute excerpt from an oral history interview on March 18th, 2011 at Saint ... Read more