Oral History Interview with Joy Fox
Channel 24's Joy Fox and cameraman Ed KaKavo at the Skylab I launch on May 14, 1973.  My name is Joy Fox and I was born in New York City. I was in New York for the first nine years of my life and then transplanted against my will to Miami, Florida in ... Read more
WMFE-TV Channel 24 - Tower Collapse June 8, 1973
ABOVE:  I believe this was given to my husband when he graduated with his Masters Degree from Florida Technological University (now University of Central Florida) and took a job at Ted Johnson Productions in Jacksonville, Florida in 1975.  It was was cr ... Read more
WMFE-TV Channel 24 - Orlando's PBS Station
Channel 24 WMFE TV, Orlando's PBS affiliate, had humble beginnings with the studio and offices located in the Mid Florida Tech building located on Oakridge Road in South Orlando. This was the location when I joined the staff in October 1972. The facili ... Read more
Bobby Sherman at Sea World
I had been a fan of Bobby Sherman's ever since I first saw him on the television series Shindig! He was chosen to portray a young, shy logger Jeremy Bolt on the television series "Here Come The Brides" in 1968 and released the song "Little Woman" in 1969. ... Read more
Magic Kingdom Grand Opening Ceremonies
ABOVE: The World Symphony Orchestra performed in front of Cinderella's Castle in the Magic Kingdom on 23 October 1971. That location was soon covered by a small stage and later by the huge stage that is now situated in front of the castle. Shortly after t ... Read more