Holocaust Survivor Helen Greenspun Visits Chmielnik, Poland
July 25, 2008  Heritage Florida Jewish News   special on Holocaust survivor  Helen Greenspun's journey from Orlando, FL to Chmielnik, Poland, her childhood home.  In 1942 German Nazis took Helen and her siblings Bela, Nathan ... Read more
Helen Greenspun and Regina Muscovitz at Treblinka
Photo of Holocaust survivors Helen Garfinkel Greenspun, left,  and her sister, Regina Garfinkel Muscovitz, taken at Treblinka, Poland. Helen and Regina are standing in front of the grave marker for Chmielnik, Poland, their hometown.In 1942 German ... Read more
Oral History Interview with Holocaust Survivor Helen Greenspun
June 15, 2010 oral history interview with Holocaust survivor Helen Garfinkel Greenspun selected by "Orlando Magazine", January 2010, as a "Good Neighbor Who Gives from the Heart" for her contribution to the Central Florida community.Originally from Ch ... Read more