Architect Nils M. Schweizer Speaks at ECW Luncheon
Nils M. Schweizer, renowned architect, speaks on theology and church architecture at the Episcopal Church Women's Luncheon at Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park, February 9, 1960.Schweizer started the Orlando architectural firm Schweizer Ass ... Read more
Stephen L. Rusk Memorial Chapel Steeple Makes News
Community engages as WWII chapel steeple is moved from its historic location on the old Army Air Base, Orlando Naval Training Center, to downtown Orlando.Read The Orlando Sentinel articles detailing John Moore's efforts to relocate the chapel steeple to h ... Read more
Army Air Base Chapel Served Generations of Military Families
It was a very interesting community back then because you had some retired Air Force people, a lot of active duty Air Force people, and you had a lot of people that were in transit. The Vietnam War was going on so you had young men, women getting married ... Read more