Edgewater High School's Fashionable Young Men
The young men of Edgewater High School don the latest fashion, Bermuda shorts and argyle socks, circa 1950s. Pictured are Roger Phillips, son of Dr. and Mrs. Roger Phillips, Steve VanVoorhees, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stuart VanVoorhees, Dick Bellows, son of M ... Read more
Edgewater High School, Class of '58
CJ and Sandy walked to Edgewater High School together in the 1950s when Sandy lived on Elizabeth Street. Albert's Drugs was the after school hangout which was not far from Palm Terrace Beauty Salon, Sandy's mom's shop, on Edgewater Drive. The Bell Twins, ... Read more
Edgewater High School Renovation
Edgewater High School Comprehensive for renovation of the 1952 building at 3200 Edgewater Drive in Orlando, FL. (View.)Construction Manager: W.G. Mills / Mims Construction, a joint venture.Architect: C.T. Hsu & Associates.Estimated cost of completion: ... Read more
School Days
Air raid drills to Apopka, Elvis in Orlando, and the Concord School tunnel, school days remembered in this excerpt (14:22) from an oral history interview with Edgewater High School graduates Katherine Beasley Bornstein, Patricia Bell Peters, and Eleanor C ... Read more