At the Launch: Eyewitness to Central Florida Space History
At that time they were having launches, it seemed like a couple a week. There was a tremendous amount of launch activity. You could go out and you could see a launch. When we first moved out we weren't at the Cape. We were at Patrick. So you would go out ... Read more
Naval Training Equipment Center Brings Technological Research & Development to Orlando
Sophisticated systems for research and development centered in Orlando with the new U.S. Naval Training Device Center discussed in this January 31, 1965 Orlando Sentinel  article, pt. 1, "All's Well! Navy Center Sets Orlando Course".Excerpt: "I think ... Read more
GENESYS, Graduate Engineering Education System
Research scientist Dr. Benjamin Patz came to Cape Canaveral to teach GENESYS, Graduate Engineering Education System in the 1960s. Dr. Patz describes the state of the art system funded by the Florida legislature using technology to connect students and fac ... Read more
Dr. Benjamin Patz Explains Orlando's Charge Particle Accelerometer Project
Before moving to Orlando, research scientist Dr. Benjamin Patz worked at Martin Marietta in Middle River on Orlando's  Charge Particle Accelerometer Project. Specifically, he was asked to calculate what the discharge rate would be due to cosmic rays. ... Read more