Alyce Blau Shames
Alyce and her family moved to College Park in 1949 when her husband brought a dry cleaning business to the community.  When her three daughters were old enough Alyce went back to work as a librarian, first with Seminole County and worked at the Ovied ... Read more
Interview with Mike Worrell and Charlie Hoeck
10-21-09 interview with Mike Worrell and Charlie Hoeck, long time employees of the Orange County Library System. The two discuss the history of the library and the ever changing face of Central Florida.Part one:  Growing up and schoolPart two: Early ... Read more
I-4 The Odyssey
While working as a traveling salesman after graduating with my degree in Journalism, go figure, I made many lengthy trips on I-4. Back and forth from my office on Vineland Road to my territory on the east coast. I had sat in traffic when they closed secti ... Read more