Oral History Interview with Florida Horseman Brent Bachand
Brent Bachand on little Charlie, a wild Florida Cracker horse. VIEW LISTEN Part I (20:41) Central Florida Cow Pastures I grew up on the east side of Orlando down by Jetport, Curry Ford, 436, and nothing like it is now. That was all countr ... Read more
Lake Eola Park
Lake Eola Park is the most historic and widely recognized symbol of the city of Orlando.It was established in 1883 as the city's first public park after Orlando homesteaders Jacob and Fanny Summerlin donated the lake and some of the surrounding land to th ... Read more
Louise Collins Orlando Public Library
LISTEN  as Louise Collins remembers  her fondest memories of the city beautiful, Orlando. One of her fondest memories was visiting Lake Eola on Sundays after church with her father, mother and nine siblings. She moved to Orlando in 1959! He ... Read more
LBJ's Lake Eola Handshake
President Lyndon B. Johnson, the first president ever to sleep in Orlando, stayed at the Cherry Plaza just around the corner from the Buning's family home on Lake Eola during his 1964 campaign visit. Alice Buning remembers competing with her brother, Rick ... Read more
Growing up on Lake Eola with Grace
Alice Buning grew up in the last family home on Lake Eola at the corner of Robinson Street and Rosalind Avenue. Her father, Mr. Bill Buning, had his insurance office downstairs, and her grandfather had his insurance office downtown. Alice grew up with Orl ... Read more
Betty and Corrie Cangelose at Lake Eola, 1945
1945 photo of Orlando native Betty Cangelose (Wheeler) with her mother, Corrie Cangelose, at Lake Eola.These photos were sent overseas to her father, Joseph J. Cangelose,  in Europe serving in the Army Air Corps in WWII. ... Read more
Cathy Steiger, St. James Parishioner
Listen to this interview    with Catherine Buning Steiger  recorded  at the "Sneak Preview" for Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando, November 13th, 2010. Catherine Buning was born in Orlando in 1957, the sixth child in a family o ... Read more
Fiesta in the Park Best of Art Show Winners
Fiesta in the Park Winner ~ 2010 Fiesta in the Park Art Show Winner for 2010 Untitled ~ carved acrylic by Ron Lynn of Zephyrhills, Florida is more>>   Fiesta in the Park Winner ~ 2009 Fiesta in the Park Art Show Winne ... Read more
My Favorite Orlando Memory
Orlando: The City BeautifulOrlando's history dates back to 1838 and the height of the Seminole Wars. The U.S. Army built Fort Gatlin south of the present day Orlando city limits to protect settlers from attacks by indians.By 1840, a small community had gr ... Read more