The Halcyon Days of Orlando
I'm Dann Pottinger and I'm from Orlando, one of those rare creatures that spent all my life here... My career being in the banking business. I was the founder and president of First State Financial and also president later of Commercial State Bank...I ope ... Read more
Leon H. Handley: Icon of a Southern Gentleman
Oral history interview with Mr. Leon H. Handley at his law office in downtown Orlando, December 11, 2012. Part I  LISTEN  (14:49) Growing up in Lakeland. My father joined the company that was called the Mulberry Explosives Supply Company fo ... Read more
Earl K. Wood: 1916-2012
Photo of Earl K. Wood,  "Woody" as he was known in the 397th Infantry, 100th Infantry Division where he served as Technical Sergeant during World War II. Play Video interview.  ... Read more
Army Air Base Chapel Served Generations of Military Families
It was a very interesting community back then because you had some retired Air Force people, a lot of active duty Air Force people, and you had a lot of people that were in transit. The Vietnam War was going on so you had young men, women getting married ... Read more
Memorial Day Remembrances: WWII Pilot Joseph S. Guernsey Recalls the Fine Orlando Men Who Gave Their Lives in WWII
Bob and Harold Johnson, Bill Terhune, Pep Ingram, T. K. Johnson, Jr. are some of the fine Orlando men who gave their lives for their country in WWII as remembered by WWII pilot Joseph S. Guernsey in  this audio  excerpt  from an oral histor ... Read more
WWII Veteran Earl K. Wood
Earl K. Wood was assigned to the 100th Infantry Division, replacement forces in the Battle of the Bulge. He put in for the Army Air Force and made it. "Woody" served 5 years as a Technical Sergeant during WWII. He was in Stuggart, Germany when the war end ... Read more