The University Club Oral History Interview with Leon Hunter Handley
Leon Hunter Handley, I was born in Lakeland and after 30 months in the service and seven academic years at the University of Florida, I came to Orlando and I've been here ever since. Leon Hunter Handley holding a photo taken of him getting off the ... Read more
Veterans Day 2012
We thank and honor the United States Military Veterans who have served our nation. As we remember our veterans this Veterans Day 2012, we invite you to share in their firsthand accounts of military service:  interviews,  narratives,  videos ... Read more
Army Air Base Chapel Served Generations of Military Families
It was a very interesting community back then because you had some retired Air Force people, a lot of active duty Air Force people, and you had a lot of people that were in transit. The Vietnam War was going on so you had young men, women getting married ... Read more
Washington Shores Memories Grace Chapel
Interview at Washington Park Branch with Grace Chapel a member of the Washington Shores community. WATCH  Grace Chapel, a long time community activist, as she tells her story of mail boxes, prison ministry and much more. An advocate for the commun ... Read more
Attorney Frank Pyle Interview
Interview with Attorney Frank Pyle at Delaney Street Baptist Church in Orlando, FL, June 30th, 2010. Mr. Pyle served 26 years in the military and shares his experiences as a military lawyer including assignments such as visiting American GI's in German pr ... Read more
Orange County Library System salutes the Central Florida Veterans who served our country! Hear firsthand accounts of their service in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and other military service. ... Read more