Chapel Prayer Card Reunites Friends
When David Black stuck a prayer card in the chapel wall at the last service in the Stephen L. Rusk Memorial Chapel, he didn't expect his old friend John Moore to find it. The  attached card was left in the chapel wall in memory of the many years ... Read more
Postcard Key to Steeple's Past and Future
Postcard showing steeple and cupola on side of Army Air Base Chapel serves as historical standard for Stephen L. Rusk Memorial Chapel steeple and cupola to be placed in Thornton Park Historic District. The architectural design used by the military, pla ... Read more
Stephen L. Rusk Memorial Chapel Steeple Makes News
Community engages as WWII chapel steeple is moved from its historic location on the old Army Air Base, Orlando Naval Training Center, to downtown Orlando.Read The Orlando Sentinel articles detailing John Moore's efforts to relocate the chapel steeple to h ... Read more
Chapel Transitions to Thornton Park Historic District
John Moore preserves the Stephen L. Rusk Memorial Chapel steeple and cupola from the Orlando Naval Training Center (NTC). Moore outlines the transition of the chapel from the NTC to his home in  this excerpt  (1:30) from an oral history inte ... Read more
Army Air Base Chapel Served Generations of Military Families
It was a very interesting community back then because you had some retired Air Force people, a lot of active duty Air Force people, and you had a lot of people that were in transit. The Vietnam War was going on so you had young men, women getting married ... Read more
The Future of the Naval Training Equipment Center
May 27, 1985 Orlando Sentinel article,  "Building For Future In Military Training Naval Center Could Spur Simulation-field Growth"  on the move of NTEC from the Naval Training Center to Central Florida Research Park and the importance of militar ... Read more
Joseph J. Cangelose, Staff Sergeant at Orlando's Army Air Base
November 3rd, 1997 Orlando Sentinel obituary article on Joseph J. Cangelose  detailing his service to the Orlando community and to our country. Cangelose served as staff sergeant at  Orlando's Army Air Base at Primrose and Robinson Street, ... Read more
Joe Cangelose, Supervisory Auditor at the Naval Training Center
December 22, 1981 article from the NAV-A-GATOR, on Joe Cangelose's three service career at the  Naval Training Center in Orlando. Joseph J. Cangelose first came to the Orlando Army Air Base in 1942. The base was located at the corner of Primrose ... Read more