Paul's Truck Stop: Homemade Pies, Delicious Coffee
Ruth Butler, describes the business her parents, Paul and Doris Schankweiler, started in the spring of 1947 in this excerpt from an oral history interview on April 16, 2014. LISTEN. Paul and Doris Schwankweiler with their three daughters baby Lois, Joan, ... Read more
Pounds Studio
I'm Peggy Jo Pounds van den Berg and I say that because I was born here in Orlando and we had a studio called Pounds Studio so that's why I put the Pounds in there. It was a dance studio. We taught teenagers mostly seventh and eighth graders and it was so ... Read more
A Celebration of Jewish Life in Orlando
My son was born at Orange Memorial Hospital which it was called at that time. We had a circumcision in a downstairs room ...It was during Passover. And my sister in law baked a sponge cake and she placed powdered sugar over it and they served wine. And th ... Read more