Orlando High School Class of 1927
The Senior Class of 1927 from Orlando High School, sometimes called Orlando Senior High School, celebrated many reunions here in Orlando. Robert J. Kieser along with many of his former classmates and his wife Elizabeth S. Stalder (Class of 1930), attended ... Read more
Orlando Tigers Play Leesburg at Tinker Field 1940
Program for the home game between Orlando High School Tigers and Leesburg at Tinker Field, played November 8, 1940.Included in the program are the photos and names of the players, their numbers, positions, schedule for the year and many advertisements.Of ... Read more
Jet Wintter Seghers Prendeville 1926-1996
Jet Wintter Seghers was born in New Orleans in 1926.  When she was about 13 years old, the family moved to Orlando, Florida where her father was general manager for a box company.  She attended Orlando High School, graduating in 1942. After ... Read more
Orlando Senior High School - 1943 Yearbook
The yearbook staff wrote this about the 1943 Tigando.The Impossible has happened! For a long time it was thought that the Senior Class of 1943 would not be able to publish a Tigando this year. Paper was scarce, material was hard to obtain, metal was neede ... Read more
Mack Meiner
Restaurant Business Was In His BloodThe keys to Mack Meiner's success were an eye for business opportunities and a secret family barbecue recipe. A restaurateur with a flair for antiques, Meiner spent his time among family, customers and stray dogs. Mack ... Read more