Interview with Hurley Suggs and Gerald Eberly
Hurley Suggs and Gerald Eberly are both long-time residents of the Orlo Vista area of Orlando. Mr. Suggs has lived here his entire life and was a barber. Mr. Eberly has lived in the area since he was 21 and worked in the technology field. Both share some ... Read more
Barbara Anderson
Thursday, January 10, 2013. Long time Orlando resident Barbara Anderson shares some of her personal history, as well as the history of Orlando. PART 1     -     PART 2     -      PART 3 ... Read more
Remembering downtown Orlando
In the early to mid-1960's, my mom and I would walk a few miles from Orlo Vista to the Pine Hills Shopping Center.  From there, we would catch a bus to downtown where we would always shop at McCory's and Woolworths, which were located on the left (ea ... Read more