Father Bowman Blessing the Children at Saint Michael's Church
Father Dick Bowman blesses the children at the altar of Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park. Reverend Richard  Bowman became the fourth rector of St. Michael's Church in February 1987. St. Michael's Church services started in Duckw ... Read more
Lenten Seder at St. Michael's Church
Lenten seder at Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park, circa 1980s.Father Quigley led the Judaeo-Christian Lenten suppers at Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park.Reverend Vernon Quigley, the third Rector of St. Michael's Episcopal C ... Read more
An Irish Priest in Orlando
Oral history interview with Fr. John McCormick, Rector of St. James Cathedral, at Panera Bread on Eola Drive July 12, 2011. Fr. McCormick obtained his Licenciate in Philosophy from the Gregorian University in Rome in 1968. The Dublin born priest was incar ... Read more
Saint James Cathedral: This is where God lives...
September 11th, 2011 oral history interview with Orlando attorney Michael R. Walsh at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando. Hear highlights from his interview in this  6 minute excerpt.Mr. Walsh came to Orlando in May 1964 and remembers how beau ... Read more
The Blessed Sacrament Chapel of Saint James Cathedral: a Sacred Space in Downtown Orlando
A visit to the Blessed Sacrament Chapel at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando is the first stop for some visitors to The City Beautiful. For locals, the chapel is a sacred space where people of all faiths find quiet in a busy urban centre. In these ... Read more
Saint James Cathedral: a Legacy of Community Building
In 1978 downtown Orlando consisted of empty storefronts and an economic recession darkened the nation. It was at this critical point in the history of Orlando that Father David Page of St. James Cathedral envisioned expanding the church at the corner of O ... Read more