Oral History Interview with Betty Robinson
Oral history interview with Orlando native Elizabeth Thornton Robinson, (Betty Robinson), at her home on Lake Conway, September 9, 2016. VIEW A view of Lake Conway from the home of Betty and Jim Robinson My name is Betty Robinson, at least that' ... Read more
The Rosalind Club
According to the February/March 1974 edition of the "Central Scene" magazine, "Mrs. Cecil G. Butt, Mrs. E. M. (Miss Belle) Shephard (later Mrs. Edward Hauselt) and Mrs. L. P. (Miss Lucy) Lawrence came up with the bright idea that if the man could have a s ... Read more
Every Sunday We Were at the Church
Well, it's been a part of my life like breathing. It's just so much a part it is like another digit in the hand. You don't think about it. It's just there it's a part of you. So the Church has been a part of my life ever since I was born.... Sally Scot ... Read more