1934-1935 Grand Avenue School Year Book
1934-1935 Grand Avenue School Year Book made by the Publicity Committee on PTA Speedograph as an Art Project. VIEW Includes Certificate from the Florida Branch National Congress of Parents and Teachers, April 29- May 3, 1935, Miami, Florida. VIEW. ... Read more
Azalea Park Baptist School
Azalea Park Baptist Church opened its School in a newly completed building in 1961. From the beginning, the school's co-founder, Rev. James S. Raskins, was determined to offer a quality education superior to that offered by the public school system ... Read more
Robert E Lee Junior High School
Robert E Lee Junior High School, located in Orlando Florida, is now known as Lee Middle School. ... Read more
Bertie Hunt's Concord Park School Day Memories
Concord Park Elementary School was truly a beautiful school ...pristine white, bells in the towers, built about 1925, as Bertie Hunt remembers it from her school days and her beautiful photographs attest, there were many happy times. Bertie's father atten ... Read more
The Nativity Scene at Marks Street Elementary School, 1953
Patsy Driggers, Jimmy Cayce, Kathryn Miller, and Richard Czerner dramatize The Nativity at Marks Street Elementary School Christmas Program directed by Mrs. Louise Stanley, December 1953. Photo courtesy of the Joan Cayce Milligan archives. Mrs. Milligan's ... Read more
A Christmas Message from Our Principal
But through all this excitement boys and girls let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas - the first Christmas when to all the world was given the greatest gift of all times - the babe in the Manger, Our Savior. It was out of love for the Saviour th ... Read more
Concord Park Elementary School, Circa 1949
Ms. Anderson's third grade class at Concord Park Elementary School are all smiles as photographer Alan Anderson takes the shot.Mr. Anderson had the contract for Orange County Public School photos for about 25 years.Photo courtesy of Bertie Martin Hunt who ... Read more
Princeton Elementary Report Card, 1946-47
Miss Eleanor Bell's Princeton Elementary first grade report card for school year 1946-47. "We believe in the SPIRITUAL welfare of your child and to this end we urge that he be regularly identified with a CHURCH and SUNDAY SCHOOL organization" - front of O ... Read more
Edgewater High School Renovation
Edgewater High School Comprehensive for renovation of the 1952 building at 3200 Edgewater Drive in Orlando, FL. (View.)Construction Manager: W.G. Mills / Mims Construction, a joint venture.Architect: C.T. Hsu & Associates.Estimated cost of completion: ... Read more
Princeton Elementary 5th Grade Class, 1950-51
Princeton Elementary fifth graders pose for a photo in front of the school on Princeton Street in College Park, 1950-51 school year.Seated in the first row are the Bell twins, Eleanor Bell, center and fifth from the left, and Patricia Bell, second fro ... Read more
On Campus with Joseph S. Guernsey, 2012
Joseph S. Guernsey's friendship with Carl Langford started in the second grade at Marks Street School when a bully picked on him and Carl came to his rescue. Mr. Guernsey recalls that Carl Langford, who would later become Mayor Carl Langford, "was a wonde ... Read more
Orlando Junior College
Orlando Junior College, a two year, independent, coeducational institution of higher learning was chartered under the Laws of Florida in the spring of 1941. Read more about the college's history and organization.As outlined in the Lake Highland Preparator ... Read more