Joseph S. Guernsey Congratulates Lake Highland Preparatory School Class of 2012
May 26, 2012 letter from Lake Highland Preparatory School founder Joseph S. Guernsey to the class of 2012. Mr. Guernsey is giving a Bible and a copy of the letter to each student graduating from the school. ... Read more
122 Years of Catholic Education in Orlando
St. James parish has a tremendous impact on education... we are now into 122 years of Catholic education. The Sisters of St. Joseph from St. Augustine had a tremendous impact and contribution. They opened up St. Joseph's Academy which eventually was turne ... Read more
Desegregation in Orange County Schools
Educator Mary Jane Sevick remembers the day her students cleared their lockers at Robinswood Junior High School in response to a court order to desegregate Carver and Robinswood Junior High Schools. Hear her firsthand account of the event and  the tr ... Read more
My Entrance Into the Orlando Jewish Community
We would meet on Orange Avenue with our swimsuits and go to Palm Beach where the shops closed at 5:30. "I really felt like I was on vacation even though I was working."  From the Lerner Shop on Orange Avenue to the shores of Palm Beach, centenarian M ... Read more
It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn
Faced with dwindling financial resources as downtown Orlando's population shifted from families to senior citizens on fixed income, Saint James School Principal Blanka Roberts literally turned off the lights in the school hallways to save money. Roberts p ... Read more
Community Life at Saint James Cathedral - Jean Wilkes
Her first memory of Orlando was the beauty of the city when she followed her husband, Tom Wilkes, here 30 years ago. She recalls it really was the city beautiful.  In this oral history interview, November 6th, 2010 at the Sneak Preview for t ... Read more