Principal's Album: Grand Avenue Elementary School 1994-1995
Principal's Album: Grand Avenue Elementary School 1994-1995, Part I. VIEW. See also Principal's Album: Grand Avenue Elementary School 1994-1995, Part II. VIEW. Class photo of Grand Avenue Elementary School 1994-1995, Miss Jones, Grade 1. Pictured ... Read more
Edgewater High School's Fashionable Young Men
The young men of Edgewater High School don the latest fashion, Bermuda shorts and argyle socks, circa 1950s. Pictured are Roger Phillips, son of Dr. and Mrs. Roger Phillips, Steve VanVoorhees, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stuart VanVoorhees, Dick Bellows, son of M ... Read more
Concord Park Elementary School, Circa 1949
Ms. Anderson's third grade class at Concord Park Elementary School are all smiles as photographer Alan Anderson takes the shot.Mr. Anderson had the contract for Orange County Public School photos for about 25 years.Photo courtesy of Bertie Martin Hunt who ... Read more
Academic Excellence at Dr. Phiilips High School
Anna Mae Patz, Advanced Placement Calculus Instructor at Dr. Phillips High School, with Kathi Brooks Myers, award winning math student at Dr. Phillips, photo circa 1980s. Kathi Brooks Myers, Dr. Phillips High School valedictorian, went on to Universi ... Read more
Princeton Elementary 5th Grade Class, 1950-51
Princeton Elementary fifth graders pose for a photo in front of the school on Princeton Street in College Park, 1950-51 school year.Seated in the first row are the Bell twins, Eleanor Bell, center and fifth from the left, and Patricia Bell, second fro ... Read more
Rebecca Ethridge, a Winner in the 2010 Yom HaShoah Creative Arts Contest
Wekiva High School student Rebecca Ethridge, a winner in the 2010 Yom HaShoah Creative Arts Contest, reads her poem, "Humanity". She describes her Holocaust Remembrance Day artwork as a poem about taking on responsibility. Play Video. (1:48) She was in ... Read more
Desegregation in Orange County Schools
Educator Mary Jane Sevick remembers the day her students cleared their lockers at Robinswood Junior High School in response to a court order to desegregate Carver and Robinswood Junior High Schools. Hear her firsthand account of the event and  the tr ... Read more