Oil On Beach As WWII Darkens Daytona
We were living in Daytona before my husband was drafted and we had to use a room that was blacked out because we feared the enemy could see the slightest twinkle of light... Then I remember I stood on the beach and I looked out over the ocean and I said w ... Read more
Thanking God for the Blessings of Our Nation
LISTEN as Orlando attorney Tom Wilkes gives thanks for the blessings of our country in this excerpt from an oral history interview on March 26th, 2011 at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando. "I dearly love the freedom we have in this country. The fa ... Read more
Hamburgers in Hog's Heaven
Reflections on how amazing it is to live in the United States from Dublin born Father John McCormick, Rector of Saint James Catholic Cathedral in downtown Orlando. In this excerpt from an oral history interview at Panera Bread on Eola Dr., July 12th, 2011 ... Read more