Underwater Sound Research Division of the Naval Research Laboratory
With a $3.5 million dollar budget, three research facilities, and physicists engaged in unequaled sonar technology for the U.S. Navy, the quiet Underwater Sound Reference Division of the Naval Research Laboratory on Summerlin Avenue, brought high technolo ... Read more
Physicist Benedetti Witnessed First Missile Shot at Cape Canaveral
Benedetti describes the clear warm day on July 24, 1950 when he and his colleagues from the Naval Research Lab were invited to the Cape to watch the first missile shot from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Sonar physicist  Vincent Benedetti recalls scientist ... Read more
Oral History Interview with Sonar Physicist Vincent Benedetti
Sonar Physicist Vincent Benedetti worked at the naval research lab at the corner of Gatlin and Summerlin Avenue for 35 years. He was the first person in Orlando to own scuba equipment having received his training from the U.S. Navy Seals in Key West in th ... Read more
A Pearl Harbor Volunteer Remembers
Pearl Harbor Volunteer Vincent Benedetti recalls coming to Orlando from Banana River Naval Air Station as a sailor on liberty during WWII.  10,000 soldiers were in Orlando at the time. Fourth generation Floridian Arline Conoley Benedetti, shares how ... Read more