12 Groovy Hits, 12 Florida Bands - Bee Jay Booking Agency
Facts: Album Name:  12 Groovy Hits, 12 Florida Bands Produced: Spring, 1965 Label: Tener Custom Record Number: TC 154 & TC 155 Special Notes: This was the first of many demo records released by Bee Jay Booking Agency (Winter Park / Orlando ... Read more
WLOF was a popular AM rock radio station in Orlando in the 1960s and 1970s when AM was the only show in town! It was a time when local station program managers and DJs created weekly top 40 lists and were sometimes as popular as the artists they played.So ... Read more
Eddie Graham Sports Stadium
The Orlando Sports Stadium first opened in 1967 and later named after wrestler Eddie Graham was on the east side of town out in the middle of nowhere on the Econolahatchee Trail. It was a very basic indoor arena, no air conditioning, concrete floor, wood ... Read more