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Orlando Maps 1884 and 1890


1884 Panoramic Map of Orlando
1884 Bird's Eye View - Panoramic map of Orlando showing main streets and avenues and structures. NOTE: Main Street is now Magnolia Avenue. To...
1890 Panoramic Map of Orlando
1890 Bird's Eye View - Panoramic map of Orlando showing all major street and avenues and structures. NOTE: Main Street is now Magnolia...
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1884 Orlando Business District Map

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1884 Orlando Business District Map 

Streets: Orange Avenue, Main Street (Now Magnolia), Court Street, Central Avenue, Pine Street, Church Street, Boone Street.

Business and other locations identified on the map: Summerlin House, 1st National Bank, Post Office, English Club, Cemetery, H. H. Berry Wagon Works, Scott Allen & Company Feeds Store, Rooming house, Smith Jewelry Store, Duckworth Shoes, Peek & Wilms Drugs, W. G. White General Mercahnt, Skillman Well Driving, W. P. Kyle Tin Shop, Danns Grocery, Price Harness Shop, Green Front Grocery, Mathews Barber Shop, Jewelry Store W. C. Sherman, Cohn Brothers Clothes< Randolph Cafe, Dr. J. N. Butt, N. P. Nimo Dry Goods, Campbell Pump & Wells, South Florida Railway Depot, Christophers Boarding House, Fruit Stand Thanashaw, Merneagh Grocery, Mathes Shoe Shop, Peter Mack's Winery, South Florida Foundry Works, South Flroida Railway, N. C. Motley Grocery, J. A. McDowell Grocery, Rollins Fish Market, J. S. Mairson Dry Goods, Cuban Cigar Manufacturing, C. A. Cartino Fruits, F. A. Lweter Dry Goods Grocery, Ives & Ferguson Grocery and Express, Kuhl "KKK" Candy, Delaney & Heard Grocery, Birmbaum Dry Goods, Alligator John Curior Shop, Billie Williams Saloon, E. P. Hyer Saloon, Deadrick Tin Store, White Knox Grady Insurance and Real Estate, Waterhouse and Russell Feeds, South Florida Railway, Peter Mack's Winery, B. B. Cambells Restaurant , Charles Rock Bakery, A. D. Bernway Barber Shop, Carpenters Shoe Repair, Sinclair and Mills Real Estate, Band Stand, J. H. Mooney Pianos and Organs, Magnolia Hotel, Dr. Hicks Residence, Presbyterian Church, W. M. Oglivie Hardware, Jail, Well, Court House, Dr. Chapman Drugs, C. F. McQuage Real Estate, Mrs. Holloway residence, J. H. Livingston Real Estate, Barber Shop (Colored), Price Bee Hive, P. A. Foster Livery Stable, Cohens Brothers General Store, Armory (Shine Guards), Lord and Taylor Grocery, J. V. Duke Grovery, Ed Gunby Lawyer, Orlando Record, C. A. Wimer, Post Office, Ed Speer, Dr. Rowland, Geers Photography, Opera House, Spot Cash, Davis Market, Charleston House, City Well for Fire, A. M. Hyer Saloon, Milo Cooper Barber, O'Connell Paints and Signs, Schultz Borthers Dry Goods, Rice Brothers Furniture, J. N. McElroy Drugs, C. A. Boone Hardware, Ed Ives Bakery, Ives and Rowland, Big Tom Shine Auction, E. A. Richards Undertaker and Gunsmith, C. G. Butt Lawyer

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