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Seaboard Air Line Railroad

The Seaboard Air Line Railroad Line “Dinky Line” ran from Orlando to Oviedo through Winter Park’s best residential sections and around the lakes on which they front. The original wood burner steam locomotive was eventually replaced with a diesel locomotive but the hazards of having freight trains running through neighborhoods remained long after. An editorial by the editorial staff published in the Evening Star on July 1, 1960, addressed the dangers.

A Recommendation on ‘The Dinky Line’

The photograph above shows a Seaboard Air Line Railway locomotive, which is pulling a string of freight cars, in the front yard of a home in one of Winter Park’s best residential sections. 

The “Dinky Line,” as it’s known, goes between many homes and the lakes on which they front and makes the use of the lakes by residents hazardous. Its route is shown on the accompanying map.

The Seaboard and the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad are seriously considering a merger, and it seems only a matter of time before it’s accomplished. 

One of the reasons for a merger would be to eliminate duplicate and unnecessary lines and thereby reduced maintenance costs.

The Evening Star recommends that the “Dinky Line” be abandoned when a consolidation of the two great roads is brought about. There are other rail routes in existence that could adequately serve traffic between Orlando and Oviedo as the “Dinky Line” does now.

The “Dinky Line” used to be a vital rail link. Later it became picturesque. Now it presents a danger.

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