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Mayor Langford’s Letter to St. James School

1978 congratulations letter from Orlando Mayor Carl  T. Langford to St. James Cathedral School on their 50th anniversary in downtown Orlando.

Mayor Langford notes how “The Orlando community has benefited from, and has been blessed by, the tremendous number of outstanding citizens who have been graduated from the St. James School and who have contributed so much to the high moral fiber of this area.”

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Mayor Langford's Letter to St. James School
1978 congratulations letter from Orlando Mayor Carl  T. Langford to St. James Cathedral School on their 50th anniversary in downtown Orlando. May...
Fran Abeel, St. James Cathedral School

Fran Abeel worked at St. James School on Ridgewood Avenue in downtown Orlando  from 1948 to 1975. In this 7  minute  excerpt from an oral history interview at Saint James Cathedral on September 3rd, 2011 she details the improvements and  expansion  of  the school  as the needs of the Orlando community have changed through the years. 

Community Giving: A History of Sharing Time, Talent, and Treasure in Orlando

From a $90,000 a year thrift store for the poor to soup and sandwiches for the hungry, St. James Cathedral's history of community giving is dedicated to serving the needy in our area. As an Orlando organization tithing 10 % of their collection, St. James financially supports such worthwhile institutions as Apopka Family Learning Center, B.E.T.A. Center, Coalition for the Homeless, Covenant House of Central Florida, Fresh Start, Health Care Center of the Homeless, iDignity, JMJ Life Center, Morning Star School, Russell Home for Atypical Children and more. In this excerpt from an oral history interview at St. James Cathedral on August 15, 2011, Frank and Mary Jane Sevick highlight the origins and outreach of a few St. James community activities such as offering soup and sandwich to those hungry at lunchtime which grew into the Daily Bread and the development of the Christian Service Center. They recall St. James parishioners such as Kathy Hummel one of the founding members of B.E.T.A., Beverly Gawlick who started Outreach Love,  Dick Rupp who assisted with the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store on Parramore, and Fr. David Page who worked diligently with the downtown community to establish the Christian Service Center. The legacy of community building continues as 2,789 people in Orlando were assisted by St. James through St. Vincent de Paul donations last year. Learn more about the history of community organizations in the Orlando area and the contributions made to the lives of our citizens in this interview.

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St. James School Gala Event of the Year!


Commemorative Booklet for the St. James School Gala Event of the Year! Scholarship Dinner - Dance, Friday November 5, 1976 at the Carlton House Resort Hotel, 6515 International Drive. Includes letter from the Pastor of St. James Church, Father David Page, outlining the purpose of the event is to provide scholarships funds for students, an "investment in the youth" of our community. A history of St. James School, "St. James School: The Past" begins on page 8. Jack Hardin, General Manager of the Carlton House Resort Hotel gave all the facilities of the hotel for the event at no cost. Arline Benedetti did the banquet decorating. Scholarship donors and patrons are listed by name including many area businesses such as the George Stuart Foundation, Southern Fruit Distributors, Inc. Blue Bird Brand Citrus Products. Last page of the booklet gives a history of George Stuart, Inc. with a photo of George L. Stuart, Sr. September 4, 1905 - January 11, 1976. Photos of school staff and scholarship committee begins on page 10.     


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