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Dr. Benjamin Patz & Mrs. Anna Mae Patz: Education for Life

We’ve been married 50 years and we celebrated that this past year. The thing I admire most about him is the fact that he is as brilliant as he is and yet as humble as he is. You can ask him any question on any subject and he will explain it to you in great detail….

Educator Anna Mae Patz shares what she admires most about her husband, Dr. Benjamin Patz, in this excerpt (3:17) from an oral history interview on October 31, 2011 at their home in Orlando. She discusses his teaching attributes as a professor willing to take time to explain material and a father of five who taught their children educational knowledge and practical knowledge.

Dr. Benjamin Patz’s scientific contributions to our area include working in the GENESYS Program at Cape Canaveral, Lockheed Martin, teaching at the  Naval Training Equipment Center, Rollins College, and the University of Central Florida. His students from the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at UCF recall Professor Patz as a patient teacher who spent diligent time with everyone, undergraduate or graduate.  In the GENESYS Program at the Cape his students were people working at Martin Marietta and NASA. Dr. Patz says, “They had interesting problems they would discuss with you… It was a good chance to go over control systems, electromagnetic fields, the boundary value problems.”

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Dr. Benjamin Patz and Mrs. Anna Mae Patz
We've been married 50 years and we celebrated that this past year. The thing I admire most about him is the fact...
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Anne Mae Patz

In the evenings they would have famous mathmaticians and scientists who would come...Linus Pauling came and he was a Nobel Prize winner and he gave discussions. And then they had Dr. Sabin...I know when I talk to my students in high school they have no idea who Dr. Salk and Dr. Sabin were and what their difference in approach to finding a polio cure was. But they [Dr. Sabin and Dr. Salk] had a meeting, debate, and got into a heated argument. It was so unprofessional. They threw water at each other and everybody left the room and adjourned for a while and then came back and heard the remaining part of the debate of whose shot for polio was better the live vaccine or the dead vaccine.

Reflections on a life of teaching at Westridge, West Orange, Dr. Phillips, Valencia Community College, and University of Central Florida with mathematics educator and chemist Anna Mae Patz. She describes working with adults and kids, mature and immature. She remembers being with Dr. Salk in her first job as a chemist at the Health Department in Pittsburgh and later in her work grading for The National Board, she heard Dr. Sabin and Dr. Salk at an evening debate. She says it was very exciting to visit different cities for the Advanced Placement (AP) Board and the professional people in the field of mathematics who would come and talk to us in the evening were very, very exciting people. Learn more about the life of an Orange County educator in this interview.

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