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Orlando circa 1968

Explore the pages of a booklet published around 1968 with information and photographs of Orlando and surrounding areas including shopping, sports, education, leisure, employment, real estate and more. The purpose of the publication appears to be to entice individuals and businesses to relocate to the Orlando / Central Florida area.

The booklet does not identify the publishing organization but acknowledges Malcolm S. Baroway as editor, Robert A. West as designer, Normal Sandhaus as art director and Thomas Conlon as principal photographer.

Featured are photographs of the interior of the Winter Park Mall (Orlando Public Library’s Ye Olde Book Sale), Tinker Field, Florida Technological University (now University of Central Florida), Walt Disney World, the Orlando Municipal Auditorium (now the Bob Carr Auditorium), Winter Park Art Festival, and more.

Link here to the entire booklet in pdf format or view selected images from the publication under IMAGES below.

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Orlando circa 1968 - Winter Park Mall
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Orlando circa 1968 - Sports
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Orlando circa 1968 - Cultural Sampler
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Orlando circa 1968 - Arts and Sciences
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Orlando circa 1968 - The Arts
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Orlando circa 1968 - Education
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Orlando circa 1968 - Front cover
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Richard Lewis - Orange Avenue - Orlando circa 1968
This print of an original water color by artist Richard Lewis depicts Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando, circa 1968, from Robinson Street...
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Orlando circa 1968

Entire booklet about Orlando and surrounding area published around 1968 to entice people to move to the area.
Download or read the entire booklet.

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